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Amorphous Metal Alloy Via Efficient Injection-Molding Process

Based on a scientific breakthrough developed at Caltech, the Department of Defense, and NASA, Liquidmetal Technologies has introduced an amorphous metal alloy that can be used in the production of highly complex parts via an efficient injection-molding process. Unlike currently employed MIM (metal injection molded) and various metal casting processes, the Liquidmetal Alloy undergoes virtually no shrinkage as it cools, resulting in the production of a finished part that requires little, if any, machining.

A Liquidmetal Alloy part can exceed the strength of titanium by as much as 250%, deliver repeatable molded features within +0.002”, and offer an ultra-low shrinkage rate of approximately 0.2%. The finished Liquidmetal part is highly elastic, corrosion-resistant, and offers an “as-molded” textured or mirrored finish that’s harder than steel.

This revolutionary new class of amorphous metal offers a wide range of unique properties. This alloy can be formed into highly complex shapes, while delivering precision, strength, and finish that far exceed the world’s best MIM parts. In addition, because Liquidmetal Alloy parts require little or no additional machining, they are often priced less than machined parts.

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