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Novelis supplies aluminium for FCA´s new Jeep Wrangler

Novelis, which claims to be the world leader in aluminium rolling and recycling, announced it is supplying "premium aluminium" for FCA's redesigned 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

The supplier said the use of light weight, high strength aluminium for closures, including parts of the doors, wings, rear swing tailgate, and windscreen surround, reduces weight and boosts fuel economy, helping make it the most capable and fuel efficient Wrangler FCA has made to date.

The latest Wrangler is 200 pounds lighter than the previous steel version and fuel economy is expected to rise by three miles per [US] gallon, according to the automaker. Novelis said owners would find the lighter doors easier to remove as use of aluminium means they are 14 pounds lighter compared to previous models. FCA will be supplied by Novelis factories in Oswego, New York and Kingston, Ontario. Demand for automotive aluminium is expected to rise according to the 2017 Ducker Worldwide survey that projects aluminium content in North American passenger vehicles, particularly light trucks and SUVs, will increase 42% from its 2015 level by the year 2028.

Over 200 different vehicle models use Novelis aluminium, the supplier said.

Source: Just-auto.com

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