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PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.

Vlkovská 279, 59501 Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic


Vlkovská 279
59501 Velká Bíteš
Czech Republic

Telephone +420 566 822 130
Email fisova.k(at)pbsvb.cz

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PBS – Top European Investment Casting Foundry
Company Profile:PBS Velka Bites is a top European investment casting foundry foc...


Company Profile:

PBS Velka Bites is a top European investment casting foundry focused on nickel and cobalt based super alloys.  We use the lost wax method thanks to which our investment castings can be produced with high dimensional accuracy, quality and complex shapes. PBS has more than 160 experienced and trained professionals in investment casting processes.

Company Products and Categories

PBS Velka Bites is a specialised producer of castings of nickel and cobalt based super alloys. Our production programme includes castings of:

- Gas turbine spare parts
- Turbocharger wheels and blades, turbocharger components
- Aerospace castings - components of turbojet engines, auxiliary power units etc.
- Spinner discs for glass industry
- Cobalt-based super alloys of knee replacements

We manufacture gas turbine spare parts - turbine blades, buckets, nozzle vanes, cover plates for GE industrial gas turbines such as MS3002, MS5001, MS5002 and GE/PGT-10. The IGT blades are made of IN 738LC, FSX-414, MAR M247, GTD-111, IN 100 and B1914 materials. Blades weight: 0.1 - 30 kg (3.5 oz – 66 lb), Blades length: 50 - 400 mm (2-16 in).

PBS has been supplying turbocharger components to turbocharger manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic and the UK for many years. We cast rotor and guide wheels and blades of turbochargers. The castings are made of IN 713C, IN 713LC and MarM247 alloys. Wheel dimensions: ø50 ÷ ø400 mm. Wheel weight: 0.15 ÷ 44 kg

We also supply aerospace castings - rotor and guide wheels of auxiliary power units, turbojet engines and environmental control system components to our customers in the aerospace industry. These are technically complex castings operating at temperatures up to 950 °C. The most demanding castings include precision castings of rotors and guide wheels for the TJ100 turbojet engine. These castings are made of IN 100, IN 713LC, MAR M247 and IN 792-5A alloys. IN 713LC is used for rotors and guide wheels of auxiliary power units.

For many years, we have been a partner of leading manufacturers of glass wool based insulation materials. We supply castings of spinner disks to glass fibre manufacturers in the whole Europe. These complex castings are made of nickel-based superalloys 141I or 2.4879, or of Co alloys. Alloy 141I is a developed directly in PBS for the spinners with long life durability.

PBS has proven technology for precision casting of more than 10 various types of cobalt-based knee replacements.

References, Manufacturing Capabilties, Certifications:
PBS foundry provides one-stop on-stock shop service in the field of precision casting: special heat treatment in a protective atmosphere of argon, nitrogen, or in a vacuum, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), reverse engineering, machining and balancing, manufacture of pattern equipment, manufacture of ceramic cores, leaching of ceramic cores, 3D measurement and testing of mechanical properties in own or independent laboratories.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment PBS belongs to the top investment casting foundries in the Central and Eastern Europe cooperating with world's leading manufacturers of turbochargers, industrial gas turbines, aerospace components or glass wool based insulation materials. All our customers demand products featuring technological perfection and maximum durability. We hold significant ISO, AC 9001 and also NADCAP and ABS certifications.

Representatives Worldwide

PBS is headquartered in the Czech republic, Velka Bites. It has sales offices in the USA, UK, Russia, China.

  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.

PGO Group - Odlewnia Żeliwa Śrem S.A.

ul. Staszica 1, 63-100 Śrem, Poland,


ul. Staszica 1
63-100 Śrem, Poland

Telephone +48 61 28 13 700
Fax +48 61 28 35 115
Email ozsrem(at)pgosa.pl

Press Releases & News

Spółki PGO na ścieżce innowacyjności
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ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 485A, 60-451 Poznań, Poland


ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 485A
60-451 Poznań

Telephone +48 61 84 89 613
Email biuro(at)stalkwas.com.pl


The  P.P.H.U. Import-Export "STALKWAS" company operates in the metal market since 1992.
"STALKWAS" is an acid proof steel wholesaler.

Our company expands activities - in 2005, the Investment Foundry arose and we started producing castings with lost-wax casting technology.
Due to the high accuracy, our precise products are used in many industries.
We produce castings weighing from 2g to 4000g with stainless steel, acid resistant steel, carbon steel and alloy steel as well.

"STALKWAS" is also a manufacturer of balls for valves in whole dimensional range.
We have our own machine park equipped with cnc machines where the castings and balls are produced.





Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.

41 Armii Krajowej, 40-698 Katowice, Poland


The PGO Group has become Poland’s largest industrial group specialising in the production of castings and forgings. Through its ability to achieve the highest industry standards and global requirements, the Group has been able to partner with a number of companies from around the word including in Germany, France, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Great Britain, USA and many others.

PGO’s manufacturing sites deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services, from development of technological castings and forgings designs, fabrication and modification of patterns and tooling, selection of alloy grades, to production, rough or finished machining, heat treatment and testing of the finished products. This wide range of services provides an easier and faster buying experience for our customers.

Company Product and category

Manufacturer belong to PGO FORGINGS Division offers:

• closed-die forgings (200 g to 150 kg) , open-die and semi open-die forgings (up to 8 000 kg)  produced from carbon steel, alloy steel, high-alloyed and stainless steel
• forging tools necessary for their production
•  tests of mechanical and metallographic
properties using methods such as x-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic

Manufacturers belong to PGO STEEL CASTINGS Division offer:

•automated forming castings ranging from 5 to 500 kg
•manual forming  castings weighing up to 8 000 kg
•carbon, carbon-manganese, low-alloyed and high-alloyed cast steel castings
•castings of gray, ductile iron and alloy cast iron
•variety of tests, including mechanical and metallographic properties, as well as and non-destructive visual, penetration, and ultrasonic tests.

Manufacturer belong to PGO IRON CASTINGS Division offers:

•automatic forming  castings ranging from 500 g to 200 kg
•manual forming castings ranging from 200 kg to 30 000 kg
•castings from gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron
•automatic or semiautomatic forming lines for smaller products, as well as two manual forming lines for large castings.
•extensive testing capabilities are available and include chemical composition, material characteristics, cast iron microstructure and radiographic tests, ultrasound tests, magnetic particle test, penetration tests.

  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
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