Adolf Föhl GmbH + Co KG

Schönblick 17, 73635 Rudersberg, Germany


Schönblick 17
73635 Rudersberg

Alu-Onto Ltd.

Ráckevei u. 8., 2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary, Hungary


Ráckevei u. 8.
2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary

Telephone +36 24 531 830
Email casting(at)

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Foundry of the week: Alu-Onto Ltd, a family-run aluminium foundry from Hungary
Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always end...


Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always endeavoured to make aluminium sand castings which would reflect the level of current special knowledge and expectation to a preserving extent and hence to an overdeveloped extent.

Its new generation castings are being used in many fields, namely in the power generation, motor, machine and medical industries. Their approach to the work can be regarded as an active partner’s status rather than as a customer-oriented one. 

Owing to all this, Alu-Onto meets the requirements of all and places a high priority on remaining innovative.


In Alu-Onto sand mold foundry, a small series of typically complex, high-quality aluminum castings are produced. Our castings can also be used in the case of other end-use products of casting technology, which brings validations, assembly work and tests very close, all at an affordable price. In addition, customers are assured that their product developments, in small series, can be introduced almost immediately in different segments of the market.

Thr patented technology is exclusively gravity (atmospheric pressure) sand casting, which is realized with different types of sand. For the raw materials used, siluminous grades and other aluminum alloys are used according to the standard. Full cleaning, surface and after-treatment work is provided, depending on the customer's needs.

  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.
  • Alu-Onto Ltd.

AS-casting s.r.o.

Volgogradská 150 460 10 Liberec 10, Czech Republic


Volgogradská 150 460 10 Liberec 10

Czech Republic

Telephone +42 0485 105 598
Email inquiry(at)

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Foundry of the Week: AS Casting
AS-Casting's focus is primarily on the die-casting aluminum for the electronics,...


The history of the company dates back to 1990, when it was established the first foundry ALUPRESS by František Svobodník with only Czech capital. From the beginning, the company focused on the production and processing of die-cast aluminum alloy. On the history of the brand we have again established and in 2009 founded company Alupress Ltd..

In 2001 our company has restored foundry activity not only with the contribution of many years of experience. Was purchased modern technology, the acquisition of major domestic and foreign customers and quality staffing will allow us to once again achieve a solid position on the Czech market and abroad.

At the moment our focus is primarily on the die-casting aluminum for the electronics, automotive and transport industries, machining and grinding. Our customers are both domestic and foreign companies. Our company in the domestic market occupies an important position not only in its modern technological equipment, but also personnel background with years of experience in area of foundry industry, and machinig.

Permanent training of our employees and increase their expertise ensures our company's long-term stable position on market.

Processes in our company are managed according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certification.


Foundry Alupress has long experience in die casting and machining of aluminum castings. We offer our customers complete support from design to final completion of high-quality aluminum castings cast under pressure. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings are delivered successfully leading renowned brands from both the electrical and automotive industry.

Tools for die casting and cutting tools are carried out in cooperation with external companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years.

Machining schop provides another level of finishing of aluminum castings according to customer requirements. The manufacturing program is focused on series production. We work with Al castings from our own foundry, from external foundries and also production from the metallurgical semi especially pipes and rods (steel, copper alloys etc.). We provide service from the demand to the final product.

Clamping tools and tools provided in cooperation with our external suppliers.

  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.
  • AS-casting s.r.o.


Asia Pearlite Casting Industries co. (API)

14, 6th St. Daroopakhsh Ave. 17 Karaj Special Road., 1397136633 Tehran, Iran


14, 6th St. Daroopakhsh Ave. 17 Karaj Special Road.
1397136633 Tehran

Telephone +98 21 44 99 34 60
Fax +98 21 88 60 38 06
Email info(at)


Atlantis Foundries (PTY) LTD.

P.O. Box 1701, 7350 Dassenberg, South Africa,


P.O. Box 1701
7350 Dassenberg, South Africa

Telephone +27 (0)21 573 7200
Email af-info(at)

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Foundry of the Week: Atlantis Foundries
Atlantis Foundries have embarked on a process that will pave the way to becoming...

AY Döküm Makina San. A.S.

Org. San Bölg. Dökümcüler Sitesi 3.Sk No:35-37 Sincan, TR 06935 ANKARA, Turkey


Org. San Bölg. Dökümcüler Sitesi 3.Sk No:35-37 Sincan

Telephone + 90 312 267 04 57/4
Fax + 90 312 267 04 56
Email akadipinar(at)


Ay Dokum Machine Industry and Trade Inc. Co. is one of the leading companies in Turkey carrying it's success forward abroad with guality service approach offered to customers. Ay Dokum ownes two separate foundries and one machining shop. It has an annual capacity of 20.000 tons gray and nodular iron casting of which 5.000 tons served as machined.

First Foundry : Weights of parts produced range from 25 to 250 kg. There are 2 cupola furnaces, 2 induction furnaces and 3 couples of moulding machines. The primary productions include tractor front and rear ballasts and front weight supports. Furthermore, tractor front axle supports, reducer gear boxes, etc. are manufactured.

This foundry produces only gray iron parts.
Second Foundry : Weights of parts produced range from 5 to 150 kg. There are 3 induction furnaces, HWS full automatic moulding line and one couple of conventional moulding machine. The primary productions include gearboxes, engine and generator flywheels, engine flywheel housings, wind turbine and various transmission parts.

This foundry produces nodular and gray iron parts.
Machining : It has an annual capacity of 5.000 tons with CNC horizontal-vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, and other conventional and auxiliary machines. The machined parts are measured in accordance with the quality control plans with a 900x1200x800 mm CMM.


  •  Tractor Group
  •  Ballast Group
  •  Supports
  •  Others
  •  Industry Group
  •  Agricultural Machinery
  •  Engine Parts
  •  Gearboxes



Blackhawk de México, S.A.

Carretera Villa de García Km. 2.5 1-A, 66350 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León México, Mexico


Carretera Villa de García Km. 2.5 1-A
66350 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León México

Telephone 52 818 151 0300
Fax 52 818 151 0305
Email ventas(at)

Representatives Worldwide

Blackhawk de México, S.A. de C.V.
Carretera a Villa de García Km 2.5 1-A
66350 Santa Catarina, Nuevo León
Phone: +52 (81) 8151 0300

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Foundry of the Week - Blackhawk de Mexico, S.A.
Blackhawk de México, S.A., a ductile and gray iron foundry with the capability ...
Interview with Mr. Patricio Gil, CEO of Blackhawk Mexico and New President of the American Foundry Society
Congratulations on your new position of AFS president ! Being that you are origi...


Blackhawk de México, S.A., a ductile and gray iron foundry with the capability to produce casting parts from 5 to 400 kg in Green Sand and No Bake molding lines, serves clients mainly for the North American market. The company sells its products directly to OEMs and component manufacturers, and employs about 350 people.

In recent years, Blackhawk de México has increased its sales volume with clients like Sisamex, Meritor, John Deere, Case New Holland, CLAAS, CAT, Oshkosh and Ingersoll Rand. At the same time, the company has developed the capacity to supply its clients with high value-added finished products using internal resources as well as external suppliers.

The company’s main production unit is located in Villa de Garcia, NL, near Monterrey with a total annual capacity of 37,500 metric tons including both plants. The production lines are designed to produce small and medium sized batches in an efficient way and with low-cost structure. The plant has full testing capability and is certified in ISO-9001 and TS-16949.

Blackhawk is able to produce rough castings or castings with value-added operations such as machining, painting, heat treatment, and sub-assemblies mainly for the following markets:

• Heavy and light trucks
• Agricultural and construction equipment and tractors
• Material handling
• Hydraulics
• Air conditioning and vacuum compressors.

  • Blackhawk de México, S.A.


Ankara asfaltı, 40100 KIRŞEHİR, Turkey


Ankara asfaltı

Telephone +90 386 234 80 80
Fax +90 386 234 83 49
Email info(at)

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Foundry of the Week - Çemaş Döküm
CEMAS, founded in 1976, is a publicly-traded corporation and supplies cast parts...


CEMAS, founded in 1976, is a publicly-traded corporation and supplies cast parts products to many local and international Clients in automotive, white goods and machinery industries. CEMAS is also an approved and long-term grinding media balls supplier of many prominent global, regional and local cement and mining companies in Eurasian markets.  
Our Mission
To be a quality and value oriented, environmentally friendly, reliable, efficient and profitable organization in all fields of activity of our company with the participation and support of all employees.      

Our Vision
To reach the national and international leader position with the product quality, service and added value we offer.

Our general catalogue can be downloaded and reviewed HERE and includes details about our four (two vertical (480x600x350 mm), two horizontal (480x600x350 mm & 600x800x250+250 mm) lines, quality documents, machining shop and machinery park, x-ray machine, visuals of parts supplied to our Clients in automotive, white goods, machinery, cement and mining industries, etc. Our plant will have a considerably larger production capacity when our new horizontal line is going to be put into service in 2021.

  • Consumer category groups and application range
    Automobile industry (road vehicles)

Chongqing Yujiang casting Limited




Telephone +86 23 67682938
Email cq-yj(at)



Chongqing Yujiang casting Limited is a company mainly engaged in precision parts related to high-tech enterprises. Since the inception of the company to efficient management, large-scale production and relying on advanced technology and advantages, in the fierce market competition in the rapid development, now has developed into a set of precision metal parts R & D, production and sales as one of the well-known enterprises.

Venture nineteen years, Yu Jiang Ren to the attitude of humility, with tenacious perseverance and faith, stand on solid ground, forge ahead, be casting a strong industry.

Accession to the WTO ten years, Yu Jiang Ren with wise thinking, grasp historical opportunity, hard work dedication, cooperate with absolute sincerity, make concerted efforts, for the sustainable development of enterprises and lay a good foundation. Looking to the future, full of opportunity and challenge. We will keep the entrepreneurial passion and rigorous, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, Jiang Yu evergreen.

Chongqing Yujiang casting Limited company founded in 1992, the group has 3 subsidiaries, 1 joint venture companies, more than 5600 employees, the plant covers an area of 330000 square meters, the plant covers an area of 220000 square meters, fixed assets of 1300000000 yuan (about 190000000 dollars ), with domestic and foreign advanced equipment more than 1300 Taiwan (sets ), with an annual output of more than 7 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting products production capacity and mechanical processing with an annual output of more than 8000 pieces of all kinds of aluminum alloy parts of the production capacity, is the set design, development, aluminum alloy die-casting, machining, surface treatment, mold design and manufacturing as one integrated private enterprises.

Jiang Yu in recent years the introduction of modern management experience, pioneering spirit, innovation, entrepreneurship, always put the group reputation in the first place, both in the use of new technology to improve product performance, improve product quality, or in the after sale service, have made unremitting efforts, won the majority of users of the same praise.

In the fierce market development, our goal is to join hands with their peers, to become first-class technology, superior quality of precision machinery and accessories professional providers.


Edelstahlwerke Schmees GmbH Pirna-Copitz

Basteistr.60, 01796 Pirna-Copitz, Germany


01796 Pirna-Copitz

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Edelstahl aus Langenfeld glänzt in New York
Die Skulptur heißt "The Watch" und steht auf der Terrasse im neunten ...
Stainless Steel from Germany Shines in New York
A sculpture called "The Watch" was presented on the terrace of the nin...

Eletro Aço Altona S/A

Rua Engº Paul Werner, 925, 89030-900 Blumenau/SC, Brazil


Rua Engº Paul Werner, 925
89030-900 Blumenau/SC

Telephone 55 47 3321 7788
Email vendas(at)

Representatives Worldwide

Subsidiary - EUROPE
Mainzer Landstraße 49
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 175 118 2794

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Foundry of the Week: ELECTRO AÇO ALTONA S/A
The state-of-the-art foundry, based in the south of Brazil and established in 19...


Based in Southern Brazil in the city Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Electro Aço Altona is a global benchmark for the steel casting industry. ALTONA is one of the major companies of the steel foundry segment and is the longest continuously operating steel foundry in South America. Founded in 1924, in the next years ALTONA will complete 100 years of production.

The company core business is dedicated to casting and machining steel and alloy components. Our focus is supplying semi-finished and finished parts to our customers

ALTONA´s production processes are designed by continuous improvement concepts and this is part of our competitive advantages to assure best solutions for our customers.
The company has an installed and proven capacity of more than 1,400 t/month of machined and finished parts. coupled with its technology, process diversification, certifications and flexibility. Altona is able to produce a diversified range of alloys like:

-> Carbon and low alloy steels for structural components;
-> Steels and alloys resistant to abrasion;
-> Steels and alloys resistant to high temperatures,
-> Steels and alloys resistant to corrosion,
-> Alloyed irons;
-> Special alloys and super alloys;
-> Duplex and Superduplex.

ALTONA operates two business units:

– One unit producing repetitive components for Machinery and Construction Equipment, Heavy Transport, Agriculture Machinery and Railway;
– One unit for jobbing components for Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Machinery and Industrial Equipement, Valves, Pumps, Compressors and Turbines and Dredging.

ALTONA works to stay ahead of market requirements, seeking improvements in its production systems and technologies to maintain our position as a global supplier.
The result of our efforts is our growing presence in the global market. ALTONA exports directly up to 25 countries, supplying parts for more than 16 different business segments.

During the years, Altona remains focused on its values:

- Dignity
- Transparency
- Respect for people and the environment
- Commitment
- Safety

With our focus, dedication, values and performance we have earned the respect and confidence of our customers.


Company Products

Transforming materials in specific products through the fusion of steel, in molding of sand, handling in accordance with the specifications and finish by the machining process: that is the job of the Electro Aço Altona.

Always striving for excellence in the solution of steel molten and special alloys, Electro Aço Altona takes into account the aspects of processing and application, through the rational use of raw materials, secondary materials and its recyclable materials. And with all this work and care, giving shape to world-class products, always meeting the market requirements and seeking.

Our Brochures:


Altona BombasProcesso_Port
Altona Ctlgo_Min_Bomba_site
Altona Dragagem_Port
Altona Hidrogeracao_Port
Altona Nuclear_Port
Altona Termogeracao_Port

  • Eletro Aço Altona S/A
  • Eletro Aço Altona S/A
  • Eletro Aço Altona S/A


14 rue Louis Deneux, 80490 Hallencourt, France


14 rue Louis Deneux
80490 Hallencourt

Telephone +33 3 22 28 20 50
Fax +33 3 22 28 60 63
Email ecordier(at)

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Foundry of the Week: FAVI
FAVI is a French company that designs and manufactures industrial solutions revo...


An innovative partner with comprehensive know‐how

FAVI is a French company that designs and manufactures industrial solutions revolving around die‐casting.

The company, which employs more than 300 people today, develops and manufactures technical parts and complete subsets for many different sectors such as the automobile industry, aeronautics, industry, health, agriculture, electricity…

FAVI offers its customers high productivity brought by the pressure die casting process itself but also by fully automated machining and assembly operations.

In the automotive area, FAVI is a Tier 1 equipment supplier, recognized at a European level by manufacturers such as PSA, Renault‐Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi and Fiat.

In collaboration with AFICA, a leading company in the refining industry, FAVI relies on more than 60 years of expertise in the development, use and industrialization of a wide range of copper and aluminum alloys, meeting most of the industrial requirements: alloys with high mechanical or corrosion resistance, UBA compliant brass, hard wearing aluminum alloy, etc… The company has already developed custom‐made alloys for specific requirements. For instance, FAVI proposes an antimicrobial brass that kills bacteria on the contact areas for the mhealth sector.

Granting high priority to quality, FAVI is naturally certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16 949. With key values such as innovation, agility and responsiveness, FAVI invests every year in mResearch & Development, in the industrial tool and in its collaborators to ensure that its customers receive the best quality products in response to their needs. FAVI’s objective? To offer its customers tailored and innovative solutions, particularly in terms of process, aiming for operational excellence and performance.

Feix Druckguss GmbH & Co. KG

Gablonzer Ring 36 , 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany


Gablonzer Ring 36
87600 Kaufbeuren

Fonderia di Torbole S.p.A.

Via Travagliato, 18, 25030 Torbole Casaglia (BS), Italy


Via Travagliato, 18
25030 Torbole Casaglia (BS)

Telephone + 39 030 2159901
Fax + 39 030 2159964
Email segreteria(at)

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EF GROUP - Foundry of the Week
Il Gruppo EF ha radici lontane nel tempo. Nel 1924 infatti Enrico Frigerio, bisn...
EF GROUP - Foundry of the Week
EF GROUP has roots far back in time. In fact, Mr. Enrico Frigerio, great grandfa...


Fonderia di Torbole, founded in 1924, is a private joint-stock company located in Torbole Casaglia  - 6 km West from Brescia.

The company develops, produces and sells high quality iron castings as well as machined parts for the Automotive market.

One of the most modern foundries in Europe with a quality system assessed in compliance to the higher automotive market standards, Fonderia di Torbole is the ideal partner for co-design and sub-supply activities both for car makers and system suppliers.

Fonderia di Torbole has recently completed an important investment plan completely renewing the plant, with vertical integration of the production process in order duly respond to market demands substantially increasing the supply of fully machined parts and as well as of R&D activities.

Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG

Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 15, 35260 Stadtallendorf, Germany


Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 15
35260 Stadtallendorf

Telephone +49 6428 78-6298
Fax +49 6428 78-776298
Email info(at)

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Fritz Winter Eisengießerei wird von Daimler den Supplier Award in der Kategorie Partnerschaft verleiht
In der elften Auflage des Daimler Supplier Awards dankte Daimler mehr als 500 st...
Fritz Winter Eisengießerei receives Supplier Award from Daimler in the category ‘Partnership’
In the eleventh edition of the Daimler Supplier Award, Daimler thanked more than...
Fritz Winter Ribbon Cutting Event in Kentucky
The new construction of the foundry and the mechanical machining department was ...


The Fritz Winter Foundry is supplier and partner for the global automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry. We develop and manufacture rough and finish part components as well as complex system components, increasingly in light-weight design also.

With our innovative production concepts which we continuously develop further, we provide already today the mobility of tomorrow. Our material basis is sustainable as we use recycled iron as raw material for our High-Tech products. The self-conception of our company has always been the protection of our environment and its resources.

As a solid medium-sized family-owned company, Fritz Winter today is counted among the biggest independent iron foundries worldwide.

  • Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG

Gedik Döküm ve Vana San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Ankara Cd. No:306, 34906 Seyhli Pendik, Turkey


Ankara Cd. No:306
34906 Seyhli Pendik

Telephone + 90 216 307 12 62
Fax +90 216 307 28 68-69
Email dokum(at)

Inhouse Contact

Manufacturing Plant

2. OSB, 11 No’lu Yoli No:6 54300 Hendek – Sakarya / Turkey

P: +90 264 290 12 00

F: +90 264 290 12 21




Founded in 1967; Gedik Casting & Valve is Turkey’s largest casting and valve company with its state-of-the-art plant with 25.000 m2 closed area in Hendek 2. Organized Industrial Site.

Gedik Casting & Valve has been successfully serving the heating and cooling, steam, superheated water, natural gas and all sorts of fluid applications of numerous sectors such as industrial facilities, power plants, chemical, oil and shipbuilding industries with its “TERMO®” branded valves and armatures.  

Thanks to continuous development since its foundation and tireless adaptation to new technologies; Gedik Casting & Valve has always pioneered in the domestic production of several items and is highly committed to staying as the symbol of reliableness for both domestic and overseas customers by its environment-friendly technical and functional design features, energy-efficient products with low maintenance cost.

TERMO valves and armatures are produced in conformity with domestic and international standards such as ISO 9001:2008 TSE, CE, PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000-WO, AD 2000- HPO, API, Türk Loydu, Bureau Veritas, DNV, RINA, GOST and SEPRO. Sales are backed up by 9 regional offices and widespread dealer and technical service network throughout Turkey.

Precision Casting 

Precision Casting technology had been introduced to Turkey by Gedik Casting & Valve in 1982. Precision Casting is a special casting technology which is ideal for small sized items in high quantities and provides extremely clear and smooth surfaces.   

Gedik Casting & Valve produces steel, stainless steel, aluminum, super alloys and copper alloy items of up to 60 kg. with a capacity of 1500 tons/year.   

Gedik Precision Casting is the leading solution partner of several companies throughout the world in automotive, defense, textile, medical, machinery, valve, pump and electronics industries.

Sand Casting

With its cast iron, ductile, steel ve bronze casting technologies; upon receipt of job orders from customers; Sand Casting division of Gedik Casting & Valve provides quick solution services and processed and unprocessed high quality products with its casting simulation program. 

Sand Casting has a yearly production capacity of 25.000 tons and it serves several heavy industry sub-branches such as automotive and machine manufacturing besides valve sector.

GF Automotive

Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9, 8201 Schaffhausen, Switzerland


Amsler-Laffon-Strasse 9
8201 Schaffhausen

Telephone +41 52 631 11 11
Fax +41 52 631 28 47
Email tina.koehler(at)

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GF Casting Solutions completes Withdrawal from Automotive Iron Casting Business in Europe
As part of its Strategy 2020, GF Casting Solutions has taken promising steps in...
GF Casting Solutions schliesst Rückzug aus dem Automobil-Eisengussgeschäft in Europa ab
Im Rahmen der Strategie 2020 hat GF Casting Solutions in den letzten Monaten vie...
Mads Joergensen to become new CFO of GF
The GF Board of Directors nominated Mads Joergensen as new Chief Financial Offi...


GF Automotive – Passion for your lighter future:

The Georg Fischer Automotive AG, a division of Georg Fischer AG, with headquarter in Schaffhausen is a recognized development and serial production partner of the automotive industry with11 production sites in four countries (Germany, Austria, China,USA). The core business is the development and production of highly stressable castings of iron, aluminum and magnesium for the automotive industry and its suppliers. GF Automotive has therefore designed the research&development for years on weight reduction and lightweight and the reduction of CO2 emissions and efficient fuel consumption.

For more information, please visit:

  • GF Automotive
  • GF Automotive
  • GF Automotive

Gienanth GmbH

Ramsener Str. 1, 67304 Eisenberg (Pfalz), Germany


Ramsener Str. 1
67304 Eisenberg (Pfalz)

Telephone +49 6351 408-0
Fax +49 6351 408-101
Email info(at)

Representatives Worldwide

Fronberg Guss GmbH
Maximilianstraße 13
92421 Schwandorf
Phone: +49 9431 729-0
Fax: +49 9431 729-231

Press Releases & News

The GIENANTH Group on course for growth
The headquarters of the corporate group and the largest production plant are loc...
Die GIENANTH Gruppe auf Wachstumskurs
Am Standort Eisenberg im Herzen der Pfalz befindet sich die Zentrale der Unterne...
This is how the future works: GIENANTH Group takes over the contract manufacturer ZAIGLER
Zaigler is one of the leading service providers in the areas of drilling, turnin...


Hand and machine molding divisions, Melting shop with cupola and induction furnaces

Core production with 9 shooters (Cold-Box, Beta-Set & Beta-Set – Chromium Ore) 5 Disamatic-molding lines

Hand molding division:
0.5 – 5 tons per part
Up to a maximum of 28,000 tons p.a.

Machine molding division:
0.5 – 20 kg per part
Up to a maximum of 78,000 tons p.a.


Hand molding division, Melting shop with induction furnaces

Core shooting machines & Manual core shop 0.5 – 12 tons per part Up to a maximum of 11,000 tons p.a.

HaCon GmbH

ul. Fabryczna 6 , 74-320 Barlinek, Poland


ul. Fabryczna 6
74-320 Barlinek

Telephone +48 95 74602 67
Fax +48 95 74602 49
Email hacon(at)

Press Releases & News

Foundry of the Week: HaCon Sp. z.o.o.
HaCon Sp. z o.o., a producer of 30.000 tonnes of grey cast iron annually (EN-GJL...


In 1996  HaCon GmbH, the company established in Germany,  took over the foundry in Barlinek/Poland that was existing from the end of 20th century. Today the plant employs 140 workers. Every year the plant produces 30.000 tonnes hand-shaping and full form castings.

Business processes are controlled by the software SAP Business One.

Technical drawings are made in: AutoCad 2009, Solidworks, AutoVue, CNC Cad, Bocad NC.

We operate in the following industries: automotive industry, boats and ships construction, machines and tools  engineering, casts for agricultural industry.

The foundry holds the following certificates: 

  • PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015,
  • PN-EN ISO 18001:2015,
  • BS OHSAS 14001:2007, 
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2007,
  • PN-EN 1090-1+A1:2012 IDT EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011.


Products & Services

Product lines:

  • Foundry
  • Steel construction
  • Mechanical processing

Products overview:

  • counterweights for fork-lift trucks and construction machinery,
  • drills for foundation piles,
  • mooring posts,
  • drive wheels,
  • anchor plates,
  • stand walls,
  • keels for boats,
  • moulds and tool castings made using full form method.

Grey cast iron:

  • EN-GJL-150 (GG15),
  • EN-GJL-200 (GG20),
  • EN-GJL-250 (GG25).

Unit weight of hand-shaping castings: from 100 to 7.000 kg.

  • Consumer category groups and application range
    Automobile industry (road vehicles), Building and building materials machinery, Vehicles (utility), Agricultural machinery, Shipbuilding

Kimura Foundry Co., Ltd.

1157 Nagasawa, 411-0905 Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture , Japan


1157 Nagasawa
411-0905 Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone +81 55-975-7050
Email sales(at)

Representatives Worldwide

Kimura Foundry America, Inc.
789 Boomer Way
46176 Shelbyville, IN
Phone: +1 317-604-5158

Press Releases & News

Foundry of the Week: Kimura Group
The “Full Mold Casting” process, which was introduced in 1964, brought a bi...


The Kimura Group was founded in 1927 and has continuously operated since that time. In the intervening 90+ years, we have demonstrated tenacious efforts and flexibility in the face of upheaval and have sustained a business based on the production of castings.

Our “Full Mold Casting” process, which was introduced in 1964, brought a big revolution to us and we have grown to be recognized as “KIMURA of Full Mold Casting” by the industrial production world.

By specializing in the Full Mold Castings Process for over 50 years, we have become capable as a supplier into a lot of new fields. Simultaneously, we also have developed manufacturing technologies based on Information Technology (IT), such as modeling by CAD/CAM, various measurement systems and casting simulation through production mainly of Full Mold Casting. As a result, we succeeded to establish a new casting technology integrating the Full Mold Casting and IT. We now continue strongly to step forward, applying our technologies to utilizations of 3D printers, reverse engineering and so on.

We have just opened a new foundry, Kimura Foundry America, in Shelbyville, IN, USA to contribute especially to its R&D market. It specializes in providing high quality Rapid Prototype (RP) castings and small lot production services. RP castings are produced with zero defects in just 5 days.

With proven expertise in precision design, highly advanced pouring, finishing, inspection, machining and rapid prototyping, Kimura has longstanding relationships with customers across industries, including automotive and Tier 1 suppliers, large and small engine manufacturing, machine tools, industrial pumps, oil, gas & renewable energy, construction and mining and agricultural equipment.

Focusing on a technology leads to a new technology, and new technology makes a new world. Our technologies have infinite potential, which would be developed and expanded to various fields. We do hope that, by being a world-leading foundry, our technological innovation will support our customers in a way that contributes to all the people in the world.

Products & Services

By specializing in the Full Mold Castings Process for over 50 years, we have become capable as a supplier into a lot of new fields. Simultaneously, we also have developed manufacturing technologies based on Information Technology (IT), such as modeling by CAD/CAM, various measurement systems and casting simulation through production mainly of Full Mold Casting. As a result, we succeeded to establish a new casting technology integrating the Full Mold Casting and IT. We now continue strongly to step forward, applying our technologies to utilizations of 3D printers, reverse engineering and so on.

M. Busch GmbH & Co. KG


Press Releases & News

M. Busch GmbH: Successful year 2016 - Iron foundry invested in its plants in Meschede-Wehrstapel and Bestwig
"We have never invested so much in the company as in the previous year.&quo...

MAT Foundry Group Ltd.

16 Mannings Heath Road, BH12 4 NJ Poole, Dorset, UK


16 Mannings Heath Road
BH12 4 NJ Poole, Dorset

Press Releases & News

GER - MAT Foundry Group is looking for buyers for the foundry in Neunkirchen in Saarland
As the Saarbrücker Zeitung reports, the MAT Foundry Group is looking for a buye...
MAT Foundry Group pioneers data-driven productivity project with Norican
What if retrospective analysis of casting production could be replaced by real-t...

Menegotti Indústrias Metalúrgicas

Rua Palmiro Gneipel, 300 - Centro Norte, Schroeder - SC, Brazil


Rua Palmiro Gneipel, 300 - Centro Norte, Schroeder - SC

Telephone +55 47 3275 8000
Fax +55 47 3275 8001
Email vendas(at)




Smithy Erwino Menegotti was established on May 25th, 1940. Our mission is to produce a higher level of quality parts, exceeding customer expectations and ensuring the continuous growth of our business, in a sustainable way.


To become preferred supplier in our industry segment, being among the top 10 suppliers of our customers, having the respect and admiration of our employees and competitors.

Menegotti Foundry and Machining

  • Brazil – Santa Catarina – Schroeder
  • Production Capacity: 3.000 ton/month
  • Employees: 320
  • Roof Area: 22.500 m²
  • Total Area: 200.000 m²

Market Products
Production parts with medium and high scale, from 0,5Kg to 40kg; Castings of nodular and grey cast iron, with various degrees complexity. Additional services include heat treatment, painting, oiling, machining and assembly.

Engineering is structured with two specialized teams, one in casting and another in machining. Simulation software such as Magmasoft is used to reduce development time and ensure project success. Machining includes Horizontal Mechanical Molding Line, Automated Vertical Moulding Lines and Automated Horizontal Moulding line.

Well equipped laboratories is one of the most distinctive features of the Menegotti , having complete framework for analysis of sands , input receipts and raw materials, mechanical testing , dimensional analysis.

Metalpol Węgierska Gorka Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kolejowa 6, 34-350 Wegierska Gorka, Poland


ul. Kolejowa 6
34-350 Wegierska Gorka

Telephone +48 33 864 18 01
Fax +48 33 864 18 05
Email metalpol(at)


The company METALPOL Wegierska Gorka, continuing the traditions of Fabryka Armatury i Odlewni S.A. Wegierska Gorka ( fittings and foundry factory) , is one the oldest plants in the metallurgical sector in Poland- it is over 181 years old.

METALPOL Wegierska Gorka manufactures products made of nodular cast iron EN GJS 400-15, 400-18, 400-18 LT, 500-7, 600-3, 700-2 and grey cast iron EN GJL-200, 250, 300 in accordance with the quality and applicable requirements standards of domestic and foreign markets.

METALPOL Wegierska Gorka is a supplier of cast iron products for the needs of the following industries: machine, automotive, rail, mining and many others, in Poland and abroad as well.

The main recipients of the products are customers from Poland and Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy ...

METALPOL has Certificates of the Integrated Management System: ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16946: 2016 and ISO 14001: 2015, employs over 300 qualified employees and has production capacity of over 20,000 tons of castings per year.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Na Frantisku 32, CZ–110 15 Prague 1, Czech Republic


Na Frantisku 32
CZ–110 15 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Email posta(at)


The Association of Foundries of the Czech Republic is a professional organization that integrates foundries, model making companies, planning and research organizations, trade organizations, as well as vocational, middle and higher education institutions with instruction in foundry engineering.

● Cooperation with government bodies on legislation and legislative comments
● Membership in international professional associations (CAEF, MEGI)
● Active cooperation in the further training of employees in the Czech foundries
● Publisher of the foundry journal
● Realization of the commercial and technical catalogs and information
● Scientific conferences - science, research

The Association of Foundries of the Czech Republic is a professional organization, which connects foundries, pattern shops, trade organizations, research and design institutes, continuation and high schools, and foundry departments of universities.

Products & Services


ALUTEX, spol. s r.o.

Alutex Company was founded in 1998 as a commercial organization, under the auspices of which has been developing the cooperation between associated companies focused on manufacturing aluminum alloy castings using pressure die casting technology. Products are intended mainly for the automotive, electrotechnical and furniture making industry in the European Union countries. To the tool making plant pertains the design (Catia V5) including the development of both prototype and series production tools. Casting is carried out on machines having a closing force of 2,500 up to 10,000 kN, the maximum weight of a casting amounts to 8 kg, ISO 9001:2000 has been introduced. Subsequent machining (CNC, polishing) is a matter of fact.

● Company AS-CASTING s.r.o. has been engaged in aluminium die-casting production since 1990, specialized in using machines of closing force 400–1000t.
● Company provides additional processing such as blasting, tumbling, CNC machining or grinding.
● Company AS-CASTING s.r.o. is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

ATAS elektromotory Náchod a.s.

ATAS elektromotory Náchod a.s. is a Joint Stock Company with a long manufacturing tradition since 1928. The Company ATAS was nationalised in 1948 and its trade name was changed to MEZ Náchod. The trade name ATAS was returned in 1994. The ATAS manufactures the small electric motors for general use as well as the special customised motors, which meet with the design specific customer's requirements. Quality of our products are assured through the Quality System certified to ISO 9001. ATAS offers production of special shear tools used for stamping of electric motor lamination up to Ø 150 mm in diameter, production aluminium and aluminium alloy die-casting moulds as well as mould extrusion of plastic materials.

BENEŠ a LÁT a.s.
450+ employees, private owned company, established in 1934 Technologies: Aluminium high-pressure, low-pressure and gravity casting including sand core casting, Zinc high-pressure die-casting, Plastic injection 
Company activities: 
● Own tool shop, design and manufacturing of toolings for all technologies
● Variety of surface treatment, Sandblasting, Tumbling, TEM, Cryo, CNC Machining, Heat treatment, Assembly

Key customers: ALPHA, Wabco, Siemens, Magna, Hydac, Knorr-Bremse, FESTOOL, Ficosa, ODW, TE
Quality management: IATF 16949, ISO 14001:2004
Internal R&D department – applied research, product development, topology optimization, metals 3D print.

ČZ a.s.
The company ČZ a.s. (Co. Ltd.) was established in 1919, and, currently, it focuses on deliveries of parts for the automotive industry. The company’s production programme is carried out by divisions, the activities of which are divided into: Tool
Making Plant, Aluminium Foundry (low & high pressure die casting), Iron Foundry (grey & ductile iron), mass machining of castings and Turbo (production of turbochargers) and machinery manufacturing. 

GERCO EWZ s.r.o.

GERCO EWZ s.r.o. from the year 1995 supplies complete solutions for trimming pressure castings of light metal alloys produced predominantly for the following industries: Automotive, Engineering production, Electrotechnical production, Medical devices
● Our offer: Trimming tools for pressure castings, Special equipment and devices, Sheet-metal punching tools
● The company GERCO EWZ s.r.o. is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Hydac spol. s r.o.

For more than 50 years and with over 9000 employees, HYDAC offers a combination of fluid technology, electronics and engineering. HYDAC is working worldwide as a partner for engineering consulting, production/assembly and services in
more than 45 offices and with more than 500 service partners. The high proportion of international business (70%) is further evidence of HYDAC’s global presence.
Product range:
Filtration technology ● Accumulator technology ● Compact-Hydraulics ● Ball valves ● Cooling systems ● Power unit accessories ● Electronics ● Mounting technology ● Cylinders ● Pumps ● Systems technology ● Fluid engineering ● Engineering Support


We are a dynamically developing family company specializing in production and repair of parts for Al and Zn pressure die-casting. Our main focus is on production and repairs of shot sleeves. We make and fix shot sleeves according to your requirements.
New shot sleeves are made with/without a thermoregulation, which we design made-to-measure. We are able to enhance the diameter of a shot sleeve or reduce it with inserts. We need 10 working days for a reconditioning of a shot sleeve incl.
surface nitriding and transport to a customer. Furthermore, we offer production of piston rods, pistons, production and repairs of moulds. In cooperation with our partners we offer complete services in the field of lubricating of sleeves, mould maintenance, pressure machine maintenance and sale.

TOKOZ a.s.

We are a Czech engineering company with 100-year long tradition. We focus on building fittings, components for the automotive industry and components for other industry areas. We are able to offer our customers, often large multinational companies, services including development, tool engineering (Stamping tools, Moulds for pressure die casting), original parts production (Al die castings, Zn die castings, Machined parts, Welded parts, Pressed parts), Surface treatment and Surface finishing, Assembly and Packaging.

MLZ foundry

188/2, Heroiv Ukrainy St., 72319 Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Ukraine


188/2, Heroiv Ukrainy St.
72319 Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia oblast

Telephone +38 067 80258 19
Email info(at)

Press Releases & News

Foundry of the Week: MLZ Foundry
MLZ foundry was founded in the early 1990s as a production base for the research...


MLZ foundry was founded in the early 1990s as a production base for the research and development institute of special-property steels and superalloys.

There are a lot of innovative methods that were actively implemented at the plant. Over time, MLZ foundry reorganized into separate enterprises with a casting workshop using Lost Foam technology that is able to produce up to 300 metric tons of casting products per month weighing from 0.1 to 1000 kilograms.

MLZ foundry is a 100% Lost Foam foundry
Lost Foam technology is a unique casting process that is perfectly suited to the production of castings that are geometrically complex. The process is locked up in the casting pattern producing of expandable polystyrene. During the pouring, the flowing melted metal vaporises the foam pattern and at the same time precisely fills the resulting hollow space. In this way, an exact metallic copy of the foam pattern is created. In addition to geometrical complexity, castings that are made using Lost Foam technology have a high-end surface quality and size precision.

Advantages of Lost Foam technology:

  • allows to produce geometrically tricky details with the top-quality of surface
  • the highest size precision and 
  • minimal fits
  • reducing or escaping of the following machining costs
  • capability of casting weight reduction in favour of thin-walled castings using
  • low cost and short time of pattern creating

MLZ foundry workshops are equipped according to the highest standards, including induction furnaces from 250 to 2500 kilograms as well as modern laboratory facilities for the chemical analysis and physical properties control.
The molding line is equipped with an automatic sand regeneration system (cooling, fine fraction separation, magnetic cobber).

Flask workshop 
Standard flask sizes of 600х600х600mm, 1000х1000х1000mm, 1200х1200х1500mm, 2000х600х2000mm are used at MLZ Foundry, but they are able to create flasks of other sizes for producing custom outsized castings.

Currently, MLZ foundry is producing castings made of the following metals and alloys:
-    gray cast iron
-    alloyed special quality cast iron
-    ductile iron
-    carbon steel
-    low carbon steel
-    heat resistant steel
-    low-alloy steel
-    special quality steel

Quality management system certified according with international standard compliance ISO 9001:2015.

MLZ Foundry's cast products are used in most diverse manufacturing sectors, from machine-building and energy industries, to consumer products and ornamental / art castings.

  • MLZ foundry
  • MLZ foundry
  • MLZ foundry
  • MLZ foundry

Modelárna LIAZ, spol. s r. o.

Kamenická 743, 460 06 Liberec 6, Czech Republic


Kamenická 743
460 06 Liberec 6
Czech Republic

Telephone +420 485 130 448
Fax +420 485 134 177
Email info(at)


The history of the LIAZ pattern shop dates back to 1907 and is directly linked to the beginnings of the automotive industry and the establishment of the RAF Company in Liberec. By the 1990´s the production of pattern equipment and molds for the foundry industry was the main subject of activity.

Following the privatization and the technological redevelopment in 1996 the LIAZ Pattern Shop was fully integrated into the European (world) automotive industry and gradually became a recognized technological and innovative workplace dedicated to the production of tools and jigs for the automotive industry.

Over the past years we, in the prototype and serial production of the automotive industry, have collected a number of processes and technologies, particularly in the area of processing of polyurethanes and plastic materials that can be further applied in other fields (aeronautics, power engineering, design and architecture).

Today, the main activity of the company consists in the development, design and production of parts, tools and jigs for the automotive, power engineering and aerospace industries.

We provide services primarily in the following areas:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aviation and Racing Cars
  • Power Engineering Industry
  • Foundry Industry
  • Design, Art and Architecture

The LIAZ pattern shop is a purely Czech company with approx. 110 employees. Owners are directly involved in the management of the company, by which the company aims to provide the maximum performance according to customer requirements. We are pleased to work with cutting-edge technologies for customers with demanding requirements.

The technology development of the company has been encouraged by the cooperation on research projects within the Czech Republic and EU countries. Within the research and design projects the LIAZ pattern shop processes new technologies in areas of computer science, management, material engineering and tool-making.

Nemak Europe GmbH

THE SQUAIRE 17. Am Flughafen , 60549 Frankfurt, Germany


THE SQUAIRE 17. Am Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt

Telephone +49 - (0)69 - 695376-0
Fax +49 69 53764240
Email frankfurt(at)

Press Releases & News

GER - Nemak Wernigerode announces job cuts
As Nemak managing director Frank Lehmann announced, around 180 jobs will be cut ...
GER - In der Zylindergießerei Nemak im deutschen Wernigerode muss ein Drittel der Mitarbeiter gehen.
Wie Nemak-Geschäftsführer Frank Lehmann mitgeteilt hat, werden im Herbst komme...
GER - Nemak cutting fewer Jobs than feared
The planned job cuts at the Dillinger aluminum foundry Nemak are much less drama...


Innovation and perfection in lightweight aluminum casting – that‘s what Nemak stands for. For the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, we are one of the top addresses when it comes to the development and production of lightweight aluminum components such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission and structural components as well as components for E-Mobility.

Around the world more than 22,000 employees located in 38 different facilities serve our customers at their doorstep - and generated revenues of US$4.5 billion (2017). The global headquarter located in Monterrey, Mexico, supports the regional business units in Mexico and North America (19 facilities), South America (2), Europe (14) and Asia (3).

Nemak is part of Alfa, a listed Mexican Conglomerate with a global orientation. Companies leading within their branches are collected under the roof of Alfa.

It is our aspiration to be one of the leading automotive companies by offering premium service with respect to quality, technology, innovation and cost. Within Nemak, we achieve this by focusing on our people, systems, core processes and innovation.


Nemak’s customers can rely on our complete range of casting technologies to find the optimal solution for their application. Product Portfolio contains:

• Cylinder Heads
• Engine Blocks
• Transmission Components

• Shock Tower
• Rear Rails
• Subframes
• other Body-in-White Components

• E-Motor Housings
• Battery Housings
• Other E-Engine Components



ul. Sarnowska 2, 63-900 Rawicz,


ul. Sarnowska 2
63-900 Rawicz

Telephone +48 65 546 49 91
Fax +48 65 546 49 03
Email odlewnia(at)

Press Releases & News

Odlewnia Żeliwa i Staliwa Rawicz is a company rich in experience, offering a wi...


Odlewnia Rawicz Sp. z o.o. was established already in the 19th century in 1862 as „Fabryka Maszyn, Kotlarnia i Odlewnia Żeliwa Johannes Linz“ (Machine shop and Foundry Johannes Linz). Since 1945 over the years it changed its owners and was constantly developed and modernized. In January 1999 the foundry was taken over by the strategic investor and continued production under the name “Odlewnia Rawicz” (Foundry Rawicz). The products' portfolio was expanded and the foundry entered new markets. Since then our core business is to deliver castings and solutions for industries related to machine building, energy sector, shipbuilding, mining, construction, agriculture and coke industry. Thanks to 110 motivated and highly qualified Employees our capacity can reach 4000t per year.

Technology / Technologie:

Grey cast iron / Grauguss 5 – 6000 kg
Spheroidal graphite iron / Sphäroguss 5 – 1800 kg
Steel / Stahlguss 5 – 1800 kg
Max. dimensions / Max. Abmessungen max. 6500x3500x1500
Tests on request / Prüfungen auf Bedarf






Telephone +48 41 275 86 00
Fax +48 41 275 86 80 do 82
Email zarzad(at)

Press Releases & News

Odlewnie Polskie S.A. – consistently perfected
Polish Odlewnie Polskie S.A. is a constantly developing company. Castings are ma...
Foundry of the Week: ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A.
The scope of the company’s operations is the production of castings mostly of ...


The scope of the company’s operations is the production of castings mostly of the nodular cast iron with the mechanical machining (production of casting components). The production is carried out in the factory premises located in Starachowice. The company also operates trading activities (buying and selling of foreign castings) and provides services in German foundries. In production operations the Company and its co-operators offer an extensive customer service, including design, the production of foundry equipment and the creation of castings, their machining and heat treatment, as well as priming, assembly and shipment. The technological process is under thorough monitoring regarding the quality of burden materials, an rapid analysis of the chemical composition of compounds, as well as the moulding sands and casting dimensions.

The high quality of products manufactured by the Odlewnie Polskie S.A. contributes to the promotion of the brand among clients. 

The recognition of the brand is proven by the fact that the company is associated in Polish and international organizations.

The strategy enables the Company to compete with the best foundries of developed countries and ensures a high (an above-average in the foundry industry) profitability of operation.


  • Since 1998 shares of the Joint Stock Company Odlewnie Polskie are quoted on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw (lead shareholding belongs to the Management of OP S.A.).
  • Production: 25 000 tons of castings annually.
  • Specialization: production of castings from spheroidal cast iron, grey cast iron, SiMo and ADI.
  • 32 mln EUR for investments in the last years (equipment of foundry plant, software, control and measuring devices).
  • Offering castings with mechanical treatment and machining.
  • Research and Development Centre of Casting Components.

Main Equipment: 

  • automatic moulding line: Loramendi VMM 5070C,
  • automatic moulding line: Heinrich-Wagner-Sinto EFA – SD4,
  • tree furnaces of a medium frequency of the OTTO JUNKER Company, 7 Mg/ each.
  • Computer tomography 450KeV, with wall penetration up to 80mm,
  • Furnace for heat treatment with capacity up to 15 tons company TACHTECH S.R.O,
  • Automatic core installation machine for HWS line,
  • Fastems machining sell with CNC machines, 
  • MAUS grinding machines,
  • Robotic painting line. 

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 




Otto Junker GmbH Edelstahlgießerei stainless steel foundry

Jägerhausstraße 22, 52152 Simmerath, Germany


Jägerhausstraße 22
52152 Simmerath

Telephone +49 2473 601-0
Fax +49 2473 601-611
Email guss(at)



Hochlegierter Sandformguss in
Gewichten von 1 – 10.000 kg; korrosions-,
hitze- und verschleißbeständige Werkstoffe auf der Basis von Eisen, Nickel und Kobalt; Vakuum-Schmelzverfahren für tiefgekohlte Stähle (u.a. Duplex) und Ni-Basis-Legierungen (u.a. Original-JUNKERALLOY). Komponenten aus Guss/Schweißkonstruktion. Mechanische Bearbeitung mit hoher Präzision.


High alloy sand castings, weights ranging from 1 to 10.000 kg; iron, nickel and cobalt-based alloys resistant to corrosion, heat and wear; vacuum melting process for low-carbon materials (e.g. duplex stainless steels) and Ni-based alloys (e.g. JUNKERALLOY). Components cast/weldment. Machining with high precision.


Pièces hautement alliées, moulées en châssis. Poids unitaires de 1 à 10.000 kg. Matériaux résistant à la corrosion, aux températures élevées et à l’usure, à base de fer, de nickel et de cobalt. Process au four de fusion sous vide pour élaboration d’aciers à bas carbone (p. ex.
austeno-ferritique) et d’alliages Ni (p. ex. JUNKERALLOY). Composantes des pièces en fonte/constructions soudées. Usinage d'haute precision.


  • ISO 9001:2000 LRQA
  • Druckgeräterichtlinie 97/23 EG mit AD 2000 Merkblatt W0 und HP0 Germanischer Lloyd


Steel Alloys
Hand-mould casting
Machine mould casting
Corrosion resistant alloys
Heat resistant cast steel

Öztürk Metal Enjeksiyon, Kalıp ve Yedek Parça San. Paz., Ltd.Şti.

Ivedik OSB Ari San. Sit., 692. Sk. No: 85, Ostim - Ankara , Turkey


Ivedik OSB Ari San. Sit., 692. Sk. No: 85
Ostim - Ankara

PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.

Vlkovská 279, 59501 Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic


Vlkovská 279
59501 Velká Bíteš
Czech Republic

Telephone +420 566 822 130
Email fisova.k(at)

Press Releases & News

PBS – Top European Investment Casting Foundry
Company Profile:PBS Velka Bites is a top European investment casting foundry foc...


Company Profile:

PBS Velka Bites is a top European investment casting foundry focused on nickel and cobalt based super alloys.  We use the lost wax method thanks to which our investment castings can be produced with high dimensional accuracy, quality and complex shapes. PBS has more than 160 experienced and trained professionals in investment casting processes.

Company Products and Categories

PBS Velka Bites is a specialised producer of castings of nickel and cobalt based super alloys. Our production programme includes castings of:

- Gas turbine spare parts
- Turbocharger wheels and blades, turbocharger components
- Aerospace castings - components of turbojet engines, auxiliary power units etc.
- Spinner discs for glass industry
- Cobalt-based super alloys of knee replacements

We manufacture gas turbine spare parts - turbine blades, buckets, nozzle vanes, cover plates for GE industrial gas turbines such as MS3002, MS5001, MS5002 and GE/PGT-10. The IGT blades are made of IN 738LC, FSX-414, MAR M247, GTD-111, IN 100 and B1914 materials. Blades weight: 0.1 - 30 kg (3.5 oz – 66 lb), Blades length: 50 - 400 mm (2-16 in).

PBS has been supplying turbocharger components to turbocharger manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic and the UK for many years. We cast rotor and guide wheels and blades of turbochargers. The castings are made of IN 713C, IN 713LC and MarM247 alloys. Wheel dimensions: ø50 ÷ ø400 mm. Wheel weight: 0.15 ÷ 44 kg

We also supply aerospace castings - rotor and guide wheels of auxiliary power units, turbojet engines and environmental control system components to our customers in the aerospace industry. These are technically complex castings operating at temperatures up to 950 °C. The most demanding castings include precision castings of rotors and guide wheels for the TJ100 turbojet engine. These castings are made of IN 100, IN 713LC, MAR M247 and IN 792-5A alloys. IN 713LC is used for rotors and guide wheels of auxiliary power units.

For many years, we have been a partner of leading manufacturers of glass wool based insulation materials. We supply castings of spinner disks to glass fibre manufacturers in the whole Europe. These complex castings are made of nickel-based superalloys 141I or 2.4879, or of Co alloys. Alloy 141I is a developed directly in PBS for the spinners with long life durability.

PBS has proven technology for precision casting of more than 10 various types of cobalt-based knee replacements.

References, Manufacturing Capabilties, Certifications:
PBS foundry provides one-stop on-stock shop service in the field of precision casting: special heat treatment in a protective atmosphere of argon, nitrogen, or in a vacuum, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), reverse engineering, machining and balancing, manufacture of pattern equipment, manufacture of ceramic cores, leaching of ceramic cores, 3D measurement and testing of mechanical properties in own or independent laboratories.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment PBS belongs to the top investment casting foundries in the Central and Eastern Europe cooperating with world's leading manufacturers of turbochargers, industrial gas turbines, aerospace components or glass wool based insulation materials. All our customers demand products featuring technological perfection and maximum durability. We hold significant ISO, AC 9001 and also NADCAP and ABS certifications.

Representatives Worldwide

PBS is headquartered in the Czech republic, Velka Bites. It has sales offices in the USA, UK, Russia, China.

  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • PBS Velká Bíteš, a. s.


ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 485A, 60-451 Poznań, Poland


ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 485A
60-451 Poznań

Telephone +48 61 84 89 613
Email biuro(at)


The  P.P.H.U. Import-Export "STALKWAS" company operates in the metal market since 1992.
"STALKWAS" is an acid proof steel wholesaler.

Our company expands activities - in 2005, the Investment Foundry arose and we started producing castings with lost-wax casting technology.
Due to the high accuracy, our precise products are used in many industries.
We produce castings weighing from 2g to 4000g with stainless steel, acid resistant steel, carbon steel and alloy steel as well.

"STALKWAS" is also a manufacturer of balls for valves in whole dimensional range.
We have our own machine park equipped with cnc machines where the castings and balls are produced.





Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.

41 Armii Krajowej, 40-698 Katowice, Poland


The PGO Group has become Poland’s largest industrial group specialising in the production of castings and forgings. Through its ability to achieve the highest industry standards and global requirements, the Group has been able to partner with a number of companies from around the word including in Germany, France, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Great Britain, USA and many others.

PGO’s manufacturing sites deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services, from development of technological castings and forgings designs, fabrication and modification of patterns and tooling, selection of alloy grades, to production, rough or finished machining, heat treatment and testing of the finished products. This wide range of services provides an easier and faster buying experience for our customers.

Company Product and category

Manufacturer belong to PGO FORGINGS Division offers:

• closed-die forgings (200 g to 150 kg) , open-die and semi open-die forgings (up to 8 000 kg)  produced from carbon steel, alloy steel, high-alloyed and stainless steel
• forging tools necessary for their production
•  tests of mechanical and metallographic
properties using methods such as x-ray, ultrasonic and magnetic

Manufacturers belong to PGO STEEL CASTINGS Division offer:

•automated forming castings ranging from 5 to 500 kg
•manual forming  castings weighing up to 8 000 kg
•carbon, carbon-manganese, low-alloyed and high-alloyed cast steel castings
•castings of gray, ductile iron and alloy cast iron
•variety of tests, including mechanical and metallographic properties, as well as and non-destructive visual, penetration, and ultrasonic tests.

Manufacturer belong to PGO IRON CASTINGS Division offers:

•automatic forming  castings ranging from 500 g to 200 kg
•manual forming castings ranging from 200 kg to 30 000 kg
•castings from gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and alloy cast iron
•automatic or semiautomatic forming lines for smaller products, as well as two manual forming lines for large castings.
•extensive testing capabilities are available and include chemical composition, material characteristics, cast iron microstructure and radiographic tests, ultrasound tests, magnetic particle test, penetration tests.

  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.
  • Polska Grupa Odlewnicza S.A.

SILUM Sp. z o.o.

Opojowice 51, 98-310 Czarnożyły, Poland


Opojowice 51
98-310 Czarnożyły

Telephone +48 43 841 63 80
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SILUM is private limited liability company established in 1990.

The main scope of the company’s activity is the production of pressure mould castings made of Al-Si alloys. Silum started out with producing of small castings parts using two 1600 KN machines. It has expanded its possession for the past 15 years and now it has twenty: from 2600 up to 13000 KN pressure machines. At the moment we are producing castings with the mass of several grams to 8000 grams. Together with development of the production capacity of the casting house the infrastructure, especially the tool-room and machining workshop, connected with its functioning has also been developing. In 1997 two new companies were isolated from SILUM. They are: SILTOOL Tool Factory which produces casting instrumentation and SILBIKE which performs the machining of castings as well as produces steel elements made by machining on machining centers and other numerically controlled automatic centers.

The Quality Control System based on the ISO 9001:2000, IATF 16949, 14001 standard introduced in 1999 ensures high quality level of the manufactured goods and rendered services as well as efficient attendance to our customers.

Our highly skilled staff beginning with the Managing Board, supervising staff, technical service workers as well as administration, economic-financial personnel and workers in manufacturing areas are always at our customers’ disposal.

The range of SILUM production consists of approximately 450 items of pressure castings. Main purchasers of our products are producers of household goods, automotive goods, gas regulators as well as manufactures of electrotechnical goods. A great percentage of our products is exported to EU countries.

  • SILUM Sp. z o.o.
  • SILUM Sp. z o.o.
  • SILUM Sp. z o.o.
  • SILUM Sp. z o.o.

SPECODLEW - Innovative Foundry Enterprise SPECODLEW Ltd.

Rtm. Witolda Pileckiego 3, Skawina, Poland


Rtm. Witolda Pileckiego 3

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Foundry of the Week: Innovative Foundry Enterprise SPECODLEW
The beginnings of the operations of today’s PIO Specodlew date back to 1966, w...


INNOVATIVE FOUNDRY ENTERPRISE SPECODLEW Ltd. continues the operations of the Research Centre of the Foundry Institute in Cracow. The beginnings of the operations of today’s PIO Specodlew date back to 1966, when production of a broad range of casts, as well as research and implementation works were initiated. 

At present PIO Specodlew is a modern production facility with an area of over 10 thousand sq. meters with its own technical, logistical and administrative resources. The technology infrastructure covers, among others, other highly-efficient melting facilities in the form of induction furnaces, a modern moulding line with an average output of 12 moulds per hour, computerized furnaces for heat treatment, modernized machinery and a range of other modern technological solutions enabling the implementation and production of casts with high technical and quality parameters. The foundry’s infrastructure also includes the construction and mechanical processing departments equipped with modern CNC machining centres, which, through mutual cooperation meet the needs in the area of foundry tooling and the comprehensive production of casts. The modern equipment of the foundry and the implementation of new technologies of cast making with the use of directional metal solidification enable the manufacture of high-quality casts in four different technologies:
• sand moulds 
• lost wax 
• low pressure casting
• gravity casting (permanent mould casting)

The production range is very wide, due to the number of industry sectors provided with casts and the variety of the offered alloys. The Company has all the necessary tools and measurement devices for production in supervised conditions. The casts are accompanied by 3.1 and 3.2 inspection certificates and 2.1 declarations of compliance with order.

Products & Services

  • Sand mold castings
  • Investment castings
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Low-Pressure Die Casting


5110 N. 35th Street, 53209 Milwaukee, WI, USA


5110 N. 35th Street
53209 Milwaukee, WI

Telephone +1 414.462.7400
Fax +1 414.462.7303
Email Sales(at)

Press Releases & News

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The reputation of Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) was built on be...

STALKWAS - P.P.H.U. Import-Export

Dąbrowskiego 485A, 60-451 Poznań, Poland


Dąbrowskiego 485A
60-451 Poznań

Telephone +48 61 84 89 613
Email biuro(at)


The  P.P.H.U. Import-Export "STALKWAS" company has been operating in the metal market since 1992 as an acid-proof steel wholesaler.

Our company is expanding its activities - in 2005, the "STALKWAS" investment foundry began producing castings with lost-wax casting technology. Due to the high accuracy, our precise products are used in many industries.

We produce castings weighing from 2g to 4000g with stainless steel, acid resistant steel, carbon steel and alloy steel as well. "STALKWAS" is also a manufacturer of balls for valves in whole dimensional range and has its own machine park equipped with CNC machines, where the castings and balls are produced.



Suzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd




Telephone +86 512 62625333 / +86 512 62625301
Fax +86 512 62625325
Email sales-cx(at)

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Suzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd
Suzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd., is a public listed company liste...



Suzhou Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd., is a Public listed company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. We are located in Weiting Town of Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial park, was founded in September 2001, with a registered capital of $45.2M. The company has a total production area of more than 300,000m2. Currently we have a staff strenght of about 2,400 people.In Yangtze River Delta we have a few large production areas. and we also have offices located in Canada, UK,Finland, India,etc.

Chunxing Casting (S.I.P.) Co., Ltd., Yongda Technics (S.I.P.) Co., Ltd., Mitec Telecom Suzhou Co. Ltd.  are subsidiaries of Chunxing Precision Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Our major base of business is to produce Precise aluminum structure parts for Telecom, Automobile, Industrial, Medical, Consumer, to sell them, and to provide service, as well as to do research and development works. We have extensive research and manufacturing experiences in Aluminum alloy die casting, precision mechanical machining, sheet metal stamping, Plastic Injection Molding and RF design & development. The R&D programmes developed by ourselves, such as tooling design and manufacturing technics of aluminum alloy die casting, die casting equipment application technology, post treatment technics of die casting parts, low pressure and gravity casting technics, precision CNC machining technics, vacuum fixture technics, and sheet metal forming technics, are all at the leading level of the whole industry and we have Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights in some of these technics.

We have already passed the System authentications of TS16949, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14000, etc. Under the approval of Jiangsu Science & Technology Government Division, we have also become a High-tech Enterprise.

Chunxing is committed to enlarge, to optimize, to enhance our business in producing parts of Telecom devices, Automobile. By the remarkable location advantage, flourishing prospects of industry, reputable and improving internal management, refining technics, we are certain to satisfy our customers and win the trust of customers locally and overseas, such as NSN, Lucent-Alcatel, Flextronics, Kathrein, RFS, Commscope, Schneider, Behr, Denso, Magna, Mobis, ABB,  BE Aerospace, Hutchinson, Samsung, Baxter,Philips etc.

Currently, Chunxing has become one of the professional facilitators that have the strongest R&D ability and mass production capacity.


TKT Hightech Cast Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No.6, Survey No. 254/1, Opposite Chharodi Railway Station, 382170 Ahmedabad, P.O.Chharodi, India


Plot No.6, Survey No. 254/1, Opposite Chharodi Railway Station
382170 Ahmedabad, P.O.Chharodi

Waupaca Foundry

955 Brunner Drive P.O. Box 249, 54981 Waupaca, WI, United States


955 Brunner Drive P.O. Box 249
54981 Waupaca, WI
United States

Telephone +1 715-258-6611
Fax +1 715-258-9268​
Email sales(at)

Manufacturing Skills

Press Releases & News

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Waupaca Foundry, a Hitachi Metals Group company, has a reputation as solid as the castings we create. We deliver on our daily commitment to quality and true capacity.

At Waupaca Foundry, capacity is more than volume.
It’s our capacity to keep promises so our customers can expect tomorrow’s deliveries on time, as well as tomorrow’s innovations. It’s the capacity to contribute value and solve problems at every stage of design and production. It’s leveraging integrated services to cut costs and turnaround time, while flexing production for our customers’ volume needs. And it’s the capacity that our global network to create supply chain efficiencies, bring value added engineering innovations, and offer material solutions—for confidence and peace of mind.

Waupaca Foundry casts and machines iron casting components for global markets including automotive, commercial vehicle, agriculture, construction, material handling and other industrial sectors. We produce gray iron and ductile iron castings including austempered ductile and HNM high-strength ductile, melting more than 10,000 tons a day. Iron casting components up to 350 pounds (160 kilograms) are produced using one of 35 vertically parted, high pressure molding machines by a workforce that puts generations of foundry and machining expertise to work for our customers every day. 

Operating seven foundries and two machining and assembly plants, Waupaca Foundry employs more 4,500 people. Locations are strategically concentrated, yet operationally decentralized, which streamlines the metalcasting supply chain.

Since 1955, Waupaca Foundry has continuously improved in the areas of safety, quality, productivity, and reliability. Our design engineering, high volume melting capabilities, custom-built vertical green sand molding equipment, and automated finishing systems minimize post-process machining requirements and maintain controlled chemistry for consistent machining—all resulting in best-in-class iron casting components.

Products & Services

Our experienced craftsmen use precise technology to manufacture consistently high-quality iron castings. That’s the Waupaca difference.

At Waupaca Foundry, generations of foundry experience, process control, and innovative technology converge to deliver high-quality ductile iron and gray iron castings. From our custom-built vertical molding machines to our collaborative casting design and manufacturing processes, everything is designed to create consistent, high-quality iron castings that you and your customers can rely on every day.

With seven foundries committed to quality, you can expect highly responsive customer service and competitive pricing. Thorough process control and state-of-the-art technologies ensure reliable supply of quality iron castings with the service and support you’ve come to expect from Waupaca Foundry.

Quality Iron Castings
Our comprehensive quality management system combines lean manufacturing principles and proven production systems with process control, automation and optimized machine technology, industry-leading inspection systems, and disciplined change management processes. We bolster that with responsive customer service and robust field support. The result is that you receive the best, most reliable, highest quality iron castings on the market.      ​​Learn More...

​Iron Castings- Markets Served
Waupaca Foundry produces gray, ductile, austempered ductile, and compacted graphite iron castings for global markets including automotive, commercial vehicles, as well as agriculture, construction, and other industrial sectors.      ​​Learn More...

Wulkan SA

Tartakowa 31/33, 42-200 Częstochowa, Poland


Tartakowa 31/33
42-200 Częstochowa

Telephone +48 34 361 55 54
Email wulkan(at)


Wulkan SA produces castings in grey cast iron grade EN-GJL-150, 200 and 250 for the automotive, machinery and construction industries. The company combines rich foundry tradition with modern casting and machining technologies. WULKAN offers its customers a complete service, from tooling design and construction, through raw casting, up to the mechanical treatment and coating application. The annual production capacity is about 10,000 tones of castings with a unit weight of 0.1 to 20 kg.

Wulkan SA production site is equipped with automatic moulding lines in DISA technology. The foundry uses cupola process for melting cast iron and automatic pouring process. The plant manufactures components using CNC grinding and machining (turning and milling centres). 

The company delivers its products to European markets and to the USA. Among the castings that are produced there are: rings, pulleys and elements of anti-vibration systems for the automotive industry, fittings for pipelines, cylinder heads for compressors, pumps for central heating and components used in the engineering industry. Each stage of production is subject to detailed control.

The company has an integrated ISO quality and environmental management system 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Wulkan SA is the laureate of many prestigious awards.

Fenix Machines sp. z o. o. is the  part of Wulkan SA group. The company manufactures CNC machines for grinding castings. FENIX grinders are the first machines of this type produced in Poland. The company also deals with the design and implementation of automated production centers with the participation of FENIX grinders as well as robots and machining devices.



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