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Rtm. Witolda Pileckiego 3, Skawina, Poland


INNOVATIVE FOUNDRY ENTERPRISE SPECODLEW Ltd. continues the operations of the Research Centre of the Foundry Institute in Cracow. The beginnings of the operations of today’s PIO Specodlew date back to 1966, when production of a broad range of casts, as well as research and implementation works were initiated. 
At present PIO Specodlew is a modern production facility with an area of over 10 thousand sq. meters with its own technical, logistical and administrative resources. The technology infrastructure covers, among others, other highly-efficient melting facilities in the form of induction furnaces, a modern moulding line with an average output of 12 moulds per hour, computerized furnaces for heat treatment, modernized machinery and a range of other modern technological solutions enabling the implementation and production of casts with high technical and quality parameters. The foundry’s infrastructure also includes the construction and mechanical processing departments equipped with modern CNC machining centres, which, through mutual cooperation meet the needs in the area of foundry tooling and the comprehensive production of casts. The modern equipment of the foundry and the implementation of new technologies of cast making with the use of directional metal solidification enable the manufacture of high-quality casts in four different technologies:
• sand moulds 
• lost wax 
• low pressure casting
• gravity casting (permanent mould casting)
The production range is very wide, due to the number of industry sectors provided with casts and the variety of the offered alloys. The Company has all the necessary tools and measurement devices for production in supervised conditions. The casts are accompanied by 3.1 and 3.2 inspection certificates and 2.1 declarations of compliance with order.


  • Sand mold castings
  • Investment castings
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Low-Pressure Die Casting



Rtm. Witolda Pileckiego 3

Telephone +48 126349400
Website specodlew.pl

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The beginnings of the operations of today’s PIO Specodlew date back to 1966, w...
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