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Unit 2, Station Road, Clowne, S43 4AB Chesterfield, United Kingdom


Unit 2, Station Road, Clowne
S43 4AB Chesterfield
United Kingdom

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Capital Refractories Group has been supplying refractories and technical ceramics to molten metal and heat process industries for over 60 years. Today our diverse markets include all aspects of metal melting, molten metal handling and flow control as well as power generation, nuclear and ceramic armour applications. Our coverage is worldwide with sales offices or distributors in over 40 countries. Capital has more than 250 staff at 10 main sites in the UK, US, mainland Europe, China and India.

Our business began in 1950 supplying the UK foundry industry with refractory linings for induction furnaces melting steel and iron. Since then we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the following heat process industries:

• Foundry - steel and non-ferrous
• Investment casting
• Vacuum melting including superalloy master melting
• Aluminium - primary and secondary
• Steelmaking
• Power generation
• Cement
• Ceramics manufacturing

Within molten metal applications our product range spans metal melting, handling, flow control and casting. We supply the following monolithic refractory products:

• Dry vibratable induction furnace linings for steel, iron, non-ferrous and special alloys
• Lining repair materials, toppings, spouts and coil screeds
• Ladle rammables and castables

We also supply ancillary products and services such as:

• Unibore and Multicast – unique patented ladle opening systems with a multi-use stopper and interchangeable nozzle diameters for use in ferrous and non-ferrous foundries
• Flow control and metering nozzles for steel plant and metal atomising
• Vacuum formed ceramic fibre shapes and blankets
• Induction furnace coils, coil repair, power cables and copper clamps

In addition we have a wide portfolio of engineered technical ceramics including:

• Injected ceramic cores for investment casting, specialising in industrial gas turbine and aerospace
• Isopressed, vibrocast and slip cast metal oxide crucibles for ferrous and special alloys
• Vibrocast tundishes, head boxes and launders for superalloy cleaning and distribution
• Pour cups, t-pot ladles, aluminium dosing cones, swirl cones and zirconia nozzle inserts
• Gas diffusers - we pioneered the use of the permeable gas diffuser in induction furnaces to improve metal quality with over 3,000 foundries worldwide benefiting from this system
• Sialon bonded silicon carbide immersion heaters and thermocouple tubes for aluminium, kiln furniture, wear parts and ceramic armour

We have a comprehensive range of castable and gunning products for aluminium primary and secondary melting, cement, steelmaking, power generation and other heat process industries.

Capital's philosophy is:

• Technical support and customer service - Capital has over 70 technical and sales staff who visit our customers in every industrial country in the world to give assistance and training to maximise the performance and benefits of our products. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to problem solving - we get involved and stay involved.
• Product development – Capital spends over 10% of profits on R&D resulting that 30% of current sales are of new products developed in the last 5 years - a higher proportion than attained in some 'high tech' industries.
• Continuous improvement – we recognise that our Quality Assurance Systems are the backbone of our company, Capital was one of the first in the industry to be certified to ISO9001 and parts of the company which supply to the aerospace sector are certified to the more demanding AS9100 aerospace standard. In addition to this we use other continuous improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

It is this commitment, ambition and enthusiasm to our markets, our customers and our people that makes Capital a world class company in every sense.

James Newsome
Managing Director
Capital Refractories Group Limited

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