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Cyrus GmbH Schwingtechnik

Am Stadion 40, 45659 Recklinghausen, Germany


Am Stadion 40
45659 Recklinghausen

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Fax +49 (0) 2361 919 215
Email info(at)Cyrus-germany.com

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Who we are

CYRUS was founded in Germany in 1976 and today it continues to be a privately owned company of the FESS GROUP, with headquarters in Recklinghausen (Germany) and a branch office in Pune (India). With a total of 30 employees in Recklinghausen and 20 employees in Pune (India), CYRUS creates customized solutions in the field of vibration technology for foundries and the metallurgy, forging, recycling, raw material and commodity sectors, not to mention the food and foodstuff industries. Especially within the foundry industry, CYRUS is one of the premium partners of the industry in the following segments:

- Vibrating trough conveyors for cast and sand transport
- Vibration conveyors for transporting shot blast material
- Cast cooling conveyors
- Shake-out grids
- Linear and Circular vibration screens
- Furnace charging systems
- Lump crushers

Since 2003, CYRUS has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

How do we think

RESPONSIBILITY CREATES RELIABILITY – At CYRUS everyone takes responsibility for the needs of our partners. Our way of working is distinguished by flat hierarchies and short communication paths.

PRACTICAL THINKING GENERATES ADDED VALUE – The areas of application of vibration technology are virtually unlimited. Therefore CYRUS always places special emphasis on customer-oriented practical benefits, which is why our contributions generate even more added value.

DIALOGUE CREATES UNDERSTANDING – We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, and this allows us to achieve a broader and more profitable perspective, which gives us a distinct advantage in solving the problem.

TEAM PLAY ACHIEVES TOP PERFORMANCE – At CYRUS we focus on the diversity of competences of our staff. As team we deliver top-level solutions to benefit your business.

EXPERIENCE CREATES TRUST – As a basic precondition for dealing with each other, we advise our customers according to empirical values, and reflects subsequently in practice. We won't promise anything to our customers which we cannot deliver and we deliver what we promise.

LEADING GUARANTEES EFFECTIVENESS – We take each other by the hand. The perfect balance of pull and push generates stability in many areas of a complex project implementation. We understand it and know how to implement it.

At a glance

Am Stadion 40, 5659 Recklinghausen (Germany)

CYRUS India, Pune (India)

Type of company:
GmbH (limited liability company)

Managing Director:
Dr. Michael Schulte Strathaus

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