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Carl-Keller-Str. 2-10, D-49479 Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, Germany


Carl-Keller-Str. 2-10
D-49479 Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck

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Albert Book

Director MSR ITS

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Press Releases & News

Precise non-contact temperature measurement of liquid iron and steel thanks to a novel CSD pyrometer
In castings, the temperature of liquid melts is typically measured by immersion ...
Modern temperature measuring saves several thousand euros of running costs
In the manufacture of castings, the molten metal’s temperature is still often ...
Portable two-colour pyrometer with patented traffic light display for safe temperature measurements
Non-contact temperature measurements under difficult measuring conditions such a...


KELLER MSR ITS (Infrared Thermometer Solutions) develops, manufactures and distributes pyrometers and system solutions for non-contact temperature measurements for industrial applications for temperature ranges between -30 °C and 3500 °C. The pyrometers are used in many industries such as steel, foundry, glass, cement or chemical.

With our 50 years of experience, we are the leading specialists for foundry applications and two-colour measurements.

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