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Pour-tech AB

Im Hohl 13, 58638 Iserlohn, Germany


Im Hohl 13
58638 Iserlohn

pour-tech AB

Industrivägen 39, 43361 Sävedalen, Schweden


Industrivägen 39
43361 Sävedalen

Telephone +46 (0)31 - 340 88 90
Fax +46 (0)31 - 26 87 35
Email info(at)pour-tech.com

Press Releases & News

DataProphet meldet stategische Allianz mit der pour-tech AB und bringt Künstliche Intelligenz in Europas Gießereien
DataProphet, ein Weltmarktführer für Künstliche Intelligenz in der industriel...
DataProphet announces strategic alliance with pour-tech AB bringing Artificial Intelligence to Europe's foundries
DataProphet, a world leader in artificial intelligence in industrial production,...
A new specialist at pour-tech
Since beginning of March 2016 Klaus Stinzing is the new specialist at pour-tech,...


Welcome to pour-tech AB

At pour-tech AB, we specialize in Automatic Pouring Systems for Iron Foundries. Using Laser Technology, we market the pourTECH System, undoubtedly the best pouring system available in the market today – no exceptions. We provide complete pouring systems featuring unheated ladles for new installations. We also supply lasers, pouring controls and actuators for integration with other equipment, such as furnaces and existing ladles.

With our pouring systems, our customers benefit from eliminations of overpours and scrap (resulting in significant re-melt costs savings) improved pouring repeatability (for improved quality) and higher productivity. Thanks to these benefits, the pourTECH system has the highest repeat customer rate of any pouring system in the market.

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