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Ciruelo 2682 Col. Jaridnes de la Moderna, 64536 Monterrey, Mexico


Ciruelo 2682 Col. Jaridnes de la Moderna
64536 Monterrey

Magaldi Power SpA

Via Irno, 219, 84135 SALERNO (SA), Italy


Via Irno, 219
84135 SALERNO (SA)

Telephone +39 089 688 111
Fax +39 089 481 766
Email federica.pinto(at)magaldi.com

Press Releases & News

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Founded in 1929, Magaldi Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of steel belt conveyors to handle materials in severe conditions - including high temperature, abrasive and heavy materials - used in foundries, steel mills, mineral processing plants, cement plants, Waste-to-Energy plants and solid-fuel power plants, with more than 1000 installations worldwide.

Our technologies are based on the Magaldi Superbelt® technology: a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy materials in extreme conditions, from fines to bulk material.



Magaldi Superbelt®
The Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor is a patented steel belt conveyor able to convey hot, abrasive and heavy materials in extreme conditions, from castings to foundry sand.

The main advantage of all Magaldi conveyors is the high dependability due to the construction features of the Magaldi Superbelt® belt: a multi-link traction media supported by upper idlers with plates directly attached to a steel mesh.

Compared to a traditional chain belt (single link), the mesh ensures that the conveyor will never stop. In fact, even in the extremely unlikely event that part of the mesh fails, the mesh would continue to offer the correct traction force to enable the conveyor to operate. On the contrary, a failure on a traditional chain conveyor leads to the complete shutdown of the production line. Moreover, our belt does not suffer from wear and tear: the absence of chains, pinions and scrapers guarantees a longer service life, compared to traditional conveyors. The Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor has also a very low power consumption, operates at below 65 decibels and, unlike a traditional vibrating conveyor, does not require customized foundations.

The Magaldi Superbelt® technology is applied in different configurations over a broad range of material handling applications.

Magaldi Superbelt® “P type”
The Magaldi Superbelt® “P type” has been designed to withstand very high mechanical impacts caused by heavy material, weighing hundreds of kilograms.
It is used for horizontal and inclined conveying (up to 35°) of castings, sprues, forgings, scraps, crop ends, molds and other.

MCC® – Magaldi Casting Cooler
Based on the dependable Magaldi Superbelt® technology, the Magaldi Casting Cooler (MCC®) is specifically designed for casting cooling and conveying.

The MCC® is equipped with a cooling tunnel, held under negative pressure, in which a stream of cooling air flows at a controlled speed to avoid thermal shocks for castings. Ambient air is sucked from the center of the cooling tunnel and it is forced to enter the extremities of the cooling tunnel itself.

A Magaldi Integrated Supervision System (MISS) allows to control the cooling air flow, the belt speed and the casting temperatures. The MISS is able to optimize the cooling time and castings conveying rates, if linked to the molding line production signal.

Magaldi Ecobelt® - Hot sand transportation
The Magaldi Ecobelt® is a dust proof steel belt conveyor used in foundries for hot sand conveying. Its key component is the Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor, designed completely enclosed in a steel casing, suitable to prevent dust dispersion into the environment.

The Magaldi O-chain® is a chain conveyor enclosed in an independent casing, tailored around the Magaldi Ecobelt® tail section. Its function is to receive the fine residuals, taken from the Ecobelt® bottom and reload them onto the Magaldi Superbelt®, creating a close loop.

The Ecobelt® is the ideal alternative to pneumatic systems or vibrating/bucket elevators. It can be applied with inclinations up to 48°.

Magaldi Superbelt® “PR type”
The Magaldi Superbelt® “PR type” has been designed to facilitate sorting and de-gating operations in foundries.

It is designed without sidewalls, and allows the operators to drag the castings over the lateral chutes during the sorting operation. Thanks to the Superbelt® smooth and noiseless operation, the equipment can be used as a moving worktable. Chipping and de-gating of the castings can be safely carried out directly on the belt, without the need of lifting each single casting to place it on the lateral worktables or to sort in lateral boxes.

The absence of vibrations and the noise level below 65 dB provide a smooth and more comfortable environment for operators.

Magaldi Superbelt® “PZ type”
The Magaldi Superbelt® “PZ type” is based on the features of the Superbelt® "P type”, adding a belt surface without steps in the overlapping area of the pans.

The Superbelt® "PZ type” is the ideal solution for applications with robots or where the precise and repeatable position of the casting is required. In some applications, automatic sorting by a fix deviator is allowed.

Magaldi Superbelt® furnace feeding system
The Superbelt® furnace feeding system is a dependable system with low maintenance requirements, able to convey and feed heavy metallic scrap to furnace in a very tough environment.

The Superbelt® unique damage-tolerant design allows to manage heavy loads and withstand high impact forces whilst ensuring safe, continuous and reliable operation.

The system is fitted with a static reception hopper installed onto the Superbelt® charging section lined with anti-wear steel, an outlet chute specifically designed to fit the furnace hood while opened containing fumes and dust and to direct the scrap into the center of the furnace reducing the furnace damages.

The system can be mounted on a motorized trolley chassis to move forward and backward in order to enters the furnace, filling it in a very short time and improving worker safety.

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Worldwide Representative

Magaldi Power GmbH
Boschstr. 10
73734 Esslingen - Germany
Ph +49 711 93150 340
Fax +49 711 93150 345
Mr. Ulrich Kopp – Local Agent

Magaldi Power PTY LTD
P.O. Box 444
Belmont NSW 2280 - Australia
Ph +61 2 49450755
Fax +61 2 49479749
Mr. Mario Sica – Country Manager

Magaldi Power India Pvt. Ltd.
Flat 8, 4th Floor, 147 Lake Gardens
Kolkata 700045 - India
Phone: +91 343 254.35.56
Mr. Debasish Chakraberty – Country Manager
Mobile: +91 983 080.82.28 / +91 943 474.82.28

Magaldi Technologies LLC

370 Great Southwest Prkwy Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30336 - USA
Toll free: 1 800 620 6921



  • Magaldi Power SpA
  • Magaldi Power SpA
  • Magaldi Power SpA

MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

25 International Business Park #02-24/25 German Centre, 609916 Singapore, Singapore


25 International Business Park #02-24/25 German Centre
609916 Singapore

Telephone +65 65643435
Fax +65 65640665
Email info(at)magmasoft.com.sg

Press Releases & News

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Magna International of America Inc.

United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Press Releases & News

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Marx GmbH & Co. KG

Lilienthalstr. 6 - 13, 58638 Iserlohn, Germany


Lilienthalstr. 6 - 13
58638 Iserlohn

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH




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Via Borello, 6, I - 25081 BEDIZZOLE (Bs), Italy


Via Borello, 6
I - 25081 BEDIZZOLE (Bs)

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185 Cannock Road, Westcroft, WV10 8QL Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


185 Cannock Road, Westcroft
WV10 8QL Wolverhampton
United Kingdom

Telephone +4401902722588
Fax +44 (0)1902 730142
Email steve(at)induction-furnaces.co.uk

Press Releases & News

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In 2015 Meltech were awarded an order for a rebuilt induction melting system for...
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Specialist in induction melting furnaces, Meltech offer and service both new and second hand rebuilt solid state induction melting furnace systems. Other services include the supply of spare parts and after sales care for other original equipment manufacturers equipment from our own comprehensively stocked spares and service department.

Furnace body repair, maintenance, power cables, installation and commissioning services is also provided on coreless and channel type induction melting and heating furnaces.

Meltech products and services are diverse and can be split into four product categories:

1) Brand new coreless induction furnaces and auxiliary items.

  • Pulsar inverter systems from 75kW to 750kW with frequencies of 300Hz through to 3,000Hz.
  • Pulsar (IGBT) Transistorized systems from 75kW to 750kW with frequencies of 300Hz through to 10,000Hz.
  • Pulsar (IGBT) vacuum furnace inverters from 75kW to 750kW with frequencies of 300Hz through to 10,000Hz
  • Mag-Melt standard design magnetically screened induction tilting furnaces with capacities of up to 1,500kg capacity.
  • Mag-Melt flush platform design magnetically screened induction tilting furnaces with capacities of up to 1,500kg capacity. 
  • Mag-Melt “C” magnetically screened crucible drop coil furnaces up to 150kg capacity.
  • Special purpose heating and melting furnaces for non-standard applications. 
  • Pre tilt systems, developed for accurate pour control on new or rebuilt furnaces, can be purpose designed for particular applications with a combination of 1 to 3 linear axis or rotation.
  • Hydraulic systems for furnace tilting, designed for use in harshest environment and use with fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
  • Closed circuit air blast cooling systems with single or twin pump modules, electrical control panel and air blast radiator type cooler. (Evaporative coolers available for hotter climates.) 

Equipment is designed for the efficient melting of all ferrous and nonferrous metals, capacities quoted are based on Iron or Steel.

2) Rebuilt second hand induction furnaces.

  • Rebuilt Inductotherm® Powertrak®, Vip®   brand furnace systems.
  • Rebuilt Taylormade, Electromelt or Convertron brand furnace systems.
  • Rebuilt Pillar Mk7 OR Mk8 Induction furnace systems.
  • New Pre tilt systems for use on rebuilt induction furnace systems, purpose designed for particular applications with a combination of 1 to 3 linear axis or rotation.
  • Rebuilt hydraulic systems for furnace tilting for use with fire resistant hydraulic fluids.
  • Rebuilt closed circuit air blast cooling systems with single or twin pump modules with electrical control panels. Air blast coolers supplied in original second hand condition but checked and pressure leak tested for function. (Evaporative coolers available for hotter climates.)

3) Induction furnace Spare parts.

  • New non OEM spare parts for your Inductotherm® Powertrak®, Vip®   brand furnace system.
  • New non OEM spare parts for your Taylormade, IHS, Induction melting systems, Electromelt or Convertron brand furnace system.
  • New original equipment spare parts for your Pillar Mk7 OR Mk8 Induction furnace system.

4) Induction furnace Service.

  • Technical advice and site breakdown service for your Inductotherm® Powertrak®, Vip® Taylormade, IHS, Induction heating systems, Electromelt or Convertron, Pillar Induction Mk7 OR Mk8 Induction furnace system.

Meltech Ltd is an independent manufacturer & rebuilder of induction furnaces and is not an authorized rebuild agent for any original equipment manufacturer whose machines are shown on this web site. The trademarks Inductotherm®, VIP® and Powertrak® are owned by Inductotherm® Europe Ltd

  • MELTECH Ltd.
  • MELTECH Ltd.
  • MELTECH Ltd.

Products & Services


Michenfelder Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

An der Fahrt 4, 55124 Mainz , Germany


An der Fahrt 4
55124 Mainz

Telephone +49 (0) 6131-91017-0
Fax +49 (0) 6131-91017-17
Email info(at)michenfelder.com


The company and its main competence

The Michenfelder Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG belongs to one of the worlds leading companies in the field of quality assurance for moulding sand reclamation. The company develops, produces and sells fully automated moisture control and sand testing systems which make it possible to control, regulate and analyse on point all critical moulding sand parameters online.

Technology, service, field competence and experience of the founder und his employees are convincing since 1976 to many foundry plants and foundry plant equipment distributors all over the world. Michenfelder is partner for equipment distributors and plant contractors for new moulding sand preparation and reclamation plant concepts as well as direct contact partner to foundry plants for moulding sand quality systems modernisation.

To bear the challenge of modern casting Michenfelder is vehemently advancing the wholistic approach. That means, moulding sand should be monitored as continuously as possible, from the separation of castings and sand to the moulding machine, and its quality following the casting process should be carefully built up again. Against this background, Michenfelder, with its modular moulding sand management system FoMaSys, has made a real breakthrough.

Products & Services

– The Moulding Sand Management System

  • high-accuracy output moisture ensured by sophisticated in -mixer resp. in-cooler measurement technology -> MICOMP UNI
  • constant compactability where it really matters – directly at the moulding machine ->VEDIMAT (networked with MICOMP UNI)
  • central control on all relevant sand preparation process data and remote control in 1-to-1-optics on all ME-measurement systems -> MiPro


  • fully automatic moisture control systems for mixers, coolers, drums and conveyor belts
  • Online sand testing system for constant compactability directly at the moulding machine
  • process control, quality assurance and process data analysis system
  • Low -cost moulding sand moisturising system LC for moisture measurement on conveyor belts and in scales

Mingzhi Technology Leipzig GmbH

Bismarckstraße 37, 04249 Leipzig, Germany


Bismarckstraße 37
04249 Leipzig

Telephone +49-341 22 17 13-20
Email info(at)mingzhi-tech.eu

Press Releases & News

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Ein Bekenntnis für die Gießerei Industrie – Mingzhi-Tech in Leipzig gibt Gas
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Marcyporęba 36, 34-114 Brzeźnica, Poland


Marcyporęba 36
34-114 Brzeźnica

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