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S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH - IKO

Schmielenfeldstr. 78, 45772 Marl, Germany


Schmielenfeldstr. 78
45772 Marl

Salzburger Aluminium Group

Lend Nr. 25, 5651 Lend, Austria


Lend Nr. 25
5651 Lend

Telephone: +43 / 6416 / 6500-0
Fax: +43 / 6416 / 6500-2039
Email: aluminium(at)

Press Releases & News

Corona has shown us that distances are no longer barriers
It's a sunny summer day, both in Vienna and in Salzburg. This is evident because...
European Automotive Industry supplier SAG expands in Canada and North America
(Lend/Toronto/Charlotte, on May, 2021). The Salzburg Aluminium Group (SAG), Euro...
SAG is taking over three new locations in Mexico to 100%, thereby strengthening the Austrian holding company
At the end of May 2017, the Salzburg Aluminum Group acquired the two Mexican com...



  • Metallic charge materials (Metallische Einsatzstoffe)
  • Charge materials for non-ferrous metal casting (Einsatzstoffe für Nichteisen-Metallguß)
  • Aluminium, aluminium alloys (Aluminium, -legierungen)
  • Alloys for thixocasting and squeeze-casting (Legierungen für Thixocasting und Squeeze-casting)
  • Non-ferrous metal scraps (NE-Metall-Schrott)
  • Training, further education (Aus- und Weiterbildung)

Company profile:

Known worldwide for innovative solutions in the field of aluminium primary material, the SAG Materials Group is the result of tradition, progress and innovation. Consisting of the Aluminium Lend GmBH & Co KG, founded in 1992, and followed in 1993 by SAG Alurecylcing GmBH, they were joined in 2007 by the SAG SOHAR Oman. The SAG Materials Group furthermore holds an 18% share of Alurecycling GmBH in Felixdorf. The merging of these enterprises into one division has created an important and competent provider of tailor-made solutions.

Taking the initiative and venturing into new and expanding areas and markets – these are the attributes that set the SAG Materials Group apart. The development and expansion of new technologies for alloying, casting and processing are the core competency of this division. An experienced research and development team provides customer-oriented and innovative products of the utmost quality.

By working closely together, these companies are able to optimise the product cycle through the best possible reuse and recycling of scraps. Aside from economic considerations, the focus here is on ecological aspects such as the conservation of resources, minimising emissions and refuse, unburdening landfills and energy conservation.

In conjunction with customers, partners, and institutes of higher learning, solutions are sought and developed. Optimally meeting the ever-increasing needs of customers, day after day, guarantees smart solutions and distinguishes the division as a dependable industry partner.

Marketing Management: Sonja Bessigane

ISO Certificate: ISO9001-2000
Export rate: 78%
Eployees: 116



AL-Thixotropic Alloys THIXALLOY®

Business Partners in:

Asia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands, India, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain

Further information:

SAND TEAM, spol. s r.o.

Holubice 331 , 683 51 Holubice , Czech Republic


Holubice 331
683 51 Holubice
Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 517 324 961
Fax: +420 517 324 960
Email: sandteam(at)

Press Releases & News

The Environmentally-Friendly Inorganic Binder System: GEOPOL®.
By Michal Vykoukal, Markéta Přerovská, Alois Burian, Tomáš Bajer. SAND TEAM...
Ökologisches Gießereibinder – System GEOPOL®
Michal Vykoukal, Markéta Přerovská, Alois Burian, Tomáš Bajer. SAND TEAM, s...


SAND TEAM, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1997 with people who had years of experience of foundry moulding materials. The work of many of them at the State Research Institute of Materials allowed them to carry out their own research and development of inorganic geopolymer binders and effective machinery to reclaim them. The main goal of the company was and is to provide comprehensive services and technical support for the production of foundry moulds and cores. We supply raw materials, technologies, equipment and laboratory instruments.

In 2006 we built our own business  premises  with a production hall. Construction and growth of the company continued and in 2013 we opened a core room, new storage areas and in particular new spacious laboratories. Our laboratories with their modern instruments allow us to carry out not only our own research but also a variety of tests for us and our customers. Our aim is to help customers with manufacturing their own castings. Through these activities and cooperation with our partners we are constantly expanding our range of services.

On May 21, 2020, we successfully renewed the certificates of the quality and environmental management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards, which can be viewed here:

The main activity of the company SAND TEAM, spol. s r.o. is comprehensive assistance by ensuring the production of castings. Our main activities include the production of sand cores and moulds and of the geopolymer binder GEOPOL®. For the production of moulding mixtures we supply inorganic binders – Geopolymers and water glasses, organic binders.

We also offer quartz sands and non quartz opening materials, coated sands for the Croning method, release agents and a wide range of auxiliary agents (hardeners, oil-bentonite mixture and others). We supply foundry chaplets and low-carbon blasting material. We provide the design, manufacture and installation of integrated capital equipment – machinery for core rooms, machinery for the preparation and moulding of bentonite and chemically bound sands as well as the reclaiming of used sand. For the quality control of the applied sands we supply laboratory equipment, including customer service, regular calibrations and the training of professional staff. An integral part of our work is our own research and development, focusing on the development of foundry binders which does not pose an ecological risk for human health and the environment.

Products & Services

Sande Stahlguss GmbH

Giessereistr. 32, 26452 Sande, Germany


Giessereistr. 32
26452 Sande

Sandman (MPM Infosoft Private Limited)

A6/3, Phase II, 6th Floor, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, 600113 Taramani, Chennai, India


A6/3, Phase II, 6th Floor, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road
600113 Taramani, Chennai

Telephone: +91 9860486663
Email: info(at)

Press Releases & News

Perspectives on ROI for successful adoption of data-driven process control by foundries
Author: Deepak Chowdhary – Inventor of SANDMAN data analytics SaaS software fo...
First steps towards Digitalisation in Foundries
Data is generated in foundries in disparate locations and sources. There are dif...
Sandman - GIFA 2019
MPM Sandman was an active participant at GIFA 2019, held in June, at Dusseldorf...


SANDMAN is the world's first cloud-based, predictive and prescriptive data analytic software for optimisation of the foundry green sand system, with a view to reducing casting defects and optimising additive consumption. Based on the science of data analytics, it eliminates human or domain conditioning and allows the user foundry to rely on process system driven decision support. Without changing man, material or machine.

SANDMAN is a patented (USA, Europe, China) software, the first in the world that co-relates multivariate green sand properties, additive consumption to casting defects with predictive recommendations on solutions on process control of the system sand properties.

Savelli Technologies S.r.l.

Via Marrocco 1/3, 25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS), Italy


Via Marrocco 1/3
25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS)

Telephone: +39 030 22795
Email: info(at)

Press Releases & News

RUS - There are new success stories from the Italian foundry machine builder SAVELLI - Flash interview with Francesco Savelli
Francesco Savelli rightly points out, that there are still large parts of the in...
Inspiration from the customer and consultant
As is so often the case, it is the interplay of innovative and creative forces t...
Küttner Savelli S.r.l. recently changed its legal company name, coming back to ...


SAVELLI (legal name Savelli Technologies S.r.l.) is participated by a group of managers and technical experts in sales, engineering, automation, manufacturing and installation of machinery and equipment for the Foundry industry. Francesco Savelli, Paolo Savelli, Maurizio Botticini, Mauro Boldi, Roberto Tura and Guido Gilberti have decided to join their forces, knowledge and experience gained in over 20 years to create a new Foundry technologies competence center for the Metal-Casting Industry.

SAVELLI is a company subjected to the management and coordination of Savelli Holding S.r.l. (Brescia, Italy) and Küttner Holding GmbH & Co. KG (Essen, Germany), which guarantees technological and financial strength; Küttner, is the German worldwide leader with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in industrial plant manufacturing, especially focused in material handling and preparation: industrial furnaces, off-gas cleaning and heat recovery.

SAVELLI is a very flexible reality, but with great skills in the design and installation of highly customized and high performance machines for foundries which use the “Green Sand” molding process and which produce iron, steel and aluminum castings. In particular, the new SAVELLI is present on the global market as a new supplier of horizontal flask molding lines and sand preparation and return systems. Thanks to the design skills of Küttner and its global platform, SAVELLI is able to offer new processes and new high-tech solutions.

With a large and complete products’ portfolio, KÜTTNER & SAVELLI together have the capability to built up complete Green Sand Foundries from the green field: from melting to sand preparation, from molding to castings’ handling… complete process!

Well known companies which have installed SAVELLI’s equipment include Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A. (European leader in ADI ductile cast iron), Brembo, Torbole, Zardo, Glisenti and Lead Time (Italy), SREM, WSK (Poland), RENAULT Le Mans (France), Georg Fischer Automotive, WESO and Meierguss (Germany), EKU and Componenta Doktas (Turkey), Altajvagon Zavod and RUSAL (Russia), Castertech-Randon, Cinpal, FRUM and Regali do Brasil (Brazil), Wuling Power and YUCI Hydraulics (China), Hyundai Motor and PCI (Korea), Anvil, Goldens’ Foundry and John Deere (U.S.A.) and many others… The product range of mainly in-house produced equipment is extremely wide.

Moulding: Complete automatic moulding lines as well as single machines
Sand technology: Single machines up to complete sand preparation plants

The name SAVELLI stands for quality and reliability. The trust gained over years is based on hard work and is reflected in good customer relationships.

SCHAUFLER Tooling GmbH & Co. KG

Goethestraße 72, 89150 Laichingen, Germany


Goethestraße 72
89150 Laichingen

Telephone: +49 73 33 96 08 – 0
Fax: +49 73 33 96 08 – 24
Email: info(at)

Press Releases & News

60 years of Schaufler Tooling
The company was run by the family for two generations - Reiner Schaufler took ov...
60 Jahre Schaufler Tooling
Über zwei Generationen hinweg wurde das Unternehmen von der Familie geführt - ...
Advances in Die Casting are also good for Mold Making
After the shutdown of public life and large parts of industry in Germany and E...


Competence. Experience. Innovation.
For more than 55 years, Schaufler has been designing and manufacturing highly productive tools and dies for the most demanding die-cast and CFRP parts in the industry. Our worldwide customer base relies on them as a development partner from the concept phase of a new product until start of production, as well as on our comprehensive services throughout the whole product life cycle.

Highly motivated employees
Our success is based on highly qualified and trained employees. Systematic development of skills helped us in building a strong, experienced and innovative team. Continuous improvement of our knowledge ensures sustainable success.


We utilize, almost exclusively, 5-axis CNC Milling-machines equipped with latest generation Heidenhain controls

9 CNC large milling machines, 7 with tool changers and 1 with a pallet changer (travel up to 6,000 x 2,500 mm).
8 medium machining centers, 7 with tool changers and 3 with pallet changers (travel up to 1,335 x 1,250 mm).
3 high-speed milling machines for electrode production incl. High-performance extraction system for graphite.
2 Gun-drilling mills (5-axis).
3 CNC lathes (5-axis)

5 CNC machines with electrode changers with travel distances of 1,800 x 1,100 x 600.

Other machines
Flat and cylindrical grinding, CNC turning with driven tools, Millutensil 306 Spotting press.

 Schaufler Broschure

  • SCHAUFLER Tooling GmbH & Co. KG
  • SCHAUFLER Tooling GmbH & Co. KG


15 à 25, rue Edouard Aynard, 69905 Villeurbanne, United Kingdom


15 à 25, rue Edouard Aynard
69905 Villeurbanne
United Kingdom

Selus Supplies and Equipment Copper Beech Vineyard Black Hill, Lindfield

RH16 2HF West Sussex, Ireland


RH16 2HF West Sussex


Shaifali Rolls Limited



370205 BHUJ

SHANGHAI HUAFENG Industrial Control Tech. Corp.

610 Liu Ying Rd, 200070 Shanghai, China


610 Liu Ying Rd
200070 Shanghai

Shanghai Unite Steel

Room 1109, Loft Office, Green Land International Plaza, No. 275-8 Guoding East Road, Shanghai, China


Room 1109, Loft Office, Green Land International Plaza, No. 275-8 Guoding East Road

SIAPRO d.o.o.

Postaja 9, 5216 MOST NA SOČI, Slovenia


Postaja 9

Sidener Engineering Company, Inc.

17450 Bataan Court, P.O. Box 1476, IN 46062 Noblesville, United States


17450 Bataan Court, P.O. Box 1476
IN 46062 Noblesville
United States

Siemens Industry Software GmbH

Nordostpark 3, 90411 Nuernberg, Germany


Nordostpark 3
90411 Nuernberg

Press Releases & News

Siemens - Additive Manufacturing für Gasturbinen
Ein kleines Team im schwedischen Finspång hat die Entwicklung, Produktion und R...
Siemens - Additive manufacturing revolution for gas turbines
In recent years, a small team in Finspång, Sweden has revolutionized the develo...
Siemens’ STAR-CCM+ helps predict product performance with digital twin
• Software’s photo-realistic visuals enhance understanding of simulation res...

SiiF France

130 rue Léonard de Vinci, 56850 Caudan Z.I. de Kergouaran, France


130 rue Léonard de Vinci
56850 Caudan Z.I. de Kergouaran

Telephone: +33 2 97 81 04 30
Fax: +33 2 97 76 52 13
Email: info(at)

Press Releases & News

Large Casting Robotic finishing Cell Solutions
SiiF is recognized as an essential foundry finishing solution provider: partner ...
Different cells available :  • SiiF ECO 40 Ferrous (casting handled) : m...
Verschiedene Zellen:  • SiiF ECO 40 Fe (Werkstück-führung) : Max. Werk...


Expertise through experience
For over 30 years SiiF has been recognized as an essential partner of foundry finishing equipments for iron, aluminum and steel castings.

Finishing machine manufacturer
SiiF offers a wide range of machines to meet the specific requirements of every customer based on their moulding process (green sand casting, chemical sand casting, shell moulding, high-pressure, low-pressure, lost-wax casting, etc.).

SiiF has developed processes and systems for cooling, decoring, deburring, sawing, inspection and pre-machining suitable for a foundry environment.

An integrator of finishing lines
SiiF is involved in all sectors of foundry finishing. The company offers innovating solutions for integration in the field of automated and robotised finishing.

Its engineers analyse foundry requests and technical topics to offer performant, optimized and competitive solutions.
The company can provide turn key projects by design and development of the entire finishing process in its assembly workshops in close co-operation with the customer from study to commissioning.

SiiF is your essential, reliable partner to assist you in your industrial success.

Products & Services

Sinto America, Inc.

150 Orchard Street, 48837 Grand Ledge, MI , USA


150 Orchard Street
48837 Grand Ledge, MI

Press Releases & News

Organizational Announcement: Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Keri will be focusing on helping customers in the Northeast unlock hidden potent...
Seneca Foundry Sees Benefits of Barinder Grinder
Previously, Seneca was manually grinding all their castings and had a lack of la...
Sinto Completes Turn-Key FBO-IIIS & Mold Handling System for Maclean Power
Maclean’s FBO-IIIS Molding Machine has a 20” x 24” x 8”/8” mold size, ...

SIR S.p.a.

Strada Nazionale del Canaletto Centro, 450 , 41122 Modena (Mo), Italy


Strada Nazionale del Canaletto Centro, 450
41122 Modena (Mo)

Telephone: +39 059 31 64 811
Fax: +39 059 45 48 75
Email: sir(at)

Press Releases & News

Established in 1984, the brainchild of Engineer Luciano Passoni, SIR Soluzioni I...


SIR was founded in 1984 by Luciano Passoni, an engineer who had the idea of combining the experience of three companies (an electronic one, a mechanics one and an important technical design office) under the same shareholding structure, merging them together in a single business. The result was an engineering company committed to robot integration.

SIR therefore specialised in the analysis of needs and issues in companies from the most diverse sectors, working with them to obtain the best possible solutions in terms of flexibility, performance and investment.

SIR designs robotic cells and lines down to the smallest detail, shares its solutions with the client and assembles the plants in its premises, to allow the customer to carry out a complete check about their performance and functionality before final delivery and installation. In its 5,000 sqm headquarters, SIR – with a staff of 111 employees and more than 50 people working indirectly for it – develops and installs approximately 120 systems per year, customised in order to meet the specific needs of every single customer. In over 35 years of activity, the company developed more than 3,800 robotised systems in Italy and worldwide, with customers spanning from small artisan businesses to the world’s major multinational corporations.

  • SIR S.p.a.
  • SIR S.p.a.
  • SIR S.p.a.
  • SIR S.p.a.

Products & Services


Design: the company’s know-how in designing is the result of over 40 years of engineering work for the metalworking and mechanical industry and, in particular, for the most important European companies in the automotive and foundry sectors, with solutions that include handling, heavy and light processes, machining, assembly and welding. 
The mechanical and electronic technical offices, with a staff of 40 people dedicated to the solutions design, working with 2D and 3D CAD workstations and off-line analysis and programming systems, allow SIR to successfully tackle and meet complex market demands in terms of flexible automation.

Machine tools sector: SIR has a significant know-how in loading/unloading any kind of machine tool, having the hardware and software skills required for the integration of robots and machines.

Assembly sector: the company can develop and manufacture complete flexible robotic assembly lines.

Aluminium, cast iron and steel foundry sector: SIR realizes robotics solutions for core handling, core assembly, mould assembly, deburring, cutting, removal of risers, gravity and low pressure casting, die casting, grinding and polishing. The company has developed numerous applications in all kind of foundry processes with key products in the sector.

Computer science: the research and development department can analyse and develops state-of-the-art vision and supervision systems, including solutions for realizing a successful interface between automation and the customer’s data processing and production control centres.

The after-sales customer support, including scheduled maintenance contracts and remote assistance systems, ensures a prompt and efficient service worldwide.

SMS group GmbH

Eduard-Schloemann-Str. 4, 40237 Düsseldorf, Germany


Eduard-Schloemann-Str. 4
40237 Düsseldorf

Press Releases & News

From sun to fuel
SMS group forms strategic partnership with Synhelion to support its sun-to-liq...
Von der Sonne zum Treibstoff
SMS group schließt strategische Partnerschaft mit Synhelion zur Unterstützun...
SMS to supply closed-die forging press to Hirschvogel Automotive Components
Forged aluminium components for future e-mobility Digital maintenance tools i...


Via Gallarate, 209, 20151 MILANO (MI), Italy


Via Gallarate, 209
20151 MILANO (MI)

Press Releases & News

SOGEMI 1968-2018
Born of its founder Angelo Vigorelli's vision, Sogemi has grown over the past 50...
Sogemi Engineering Articulated Mixer with Double Mixing Arm
Sogemi successfully commissioned an articulated mixer with double mixing arm for...
TEKSID, FCA FIAT CHRYSLER GROUP choses SOGEMI for foundry sands regeneration.
An important agreement between TEKSID and SOGEMI has been concluded for the supp...


1820 E. Big Beaver Rd., MI 48094 Troy, USA


1820 E. Big Beaver Rd.
MI 48094 Troy

Telephone: (248) 526-1920
Email: support(at)

Press Releases & News

Altair Launches All-In-One Industrial Design Solution
Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, ...
Altair veröffentlicht Komplettlösung für Industriedesign
Altair, ein weltweit agierendes Technologieunternehmen, das Software- und Cloud-...
Big Metal Printing – Realising the Potential of Additive Manufacturing with Altair
In 2011, the South African aviation manufacturing solutions provider Aerosud and...


solidThinking employs a relentless focus on delivering innovative technology with a streamlined user experience. Its tools empower users and organizations to make informed decisions and design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver amazing products to market faster than ever before. solidThinking’s tools are sold and supported through a global network of industry and domain experts. solidThinking is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair where its products are also available through the Altair HyperWorks® suite.

Products & Services

Click2Cast is a casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience catering to beginners and experts alike. Users are able to avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, mold degradation and more by using Click2Cast. Guided process templates offer 5 easy steps to simulate Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting and Tilt Pouring. Click2Cast's innovative experience enables users to increase product quality and design better products with minimal training.

Other products that are available through solidThinking’s manufacturing software suite include: Click2Extrude for metal and polymer extrusion and Click2form for sheet metal forming

Additional Material:

Learn how customers are using Click2Cast to improve their casting process
 Click2Cast On-Demand Webinar

Request a free trial of Click2Cast today!
 14-Day Free Trial of Click2Cast

  • solidThinking

Spartan Light Metal Products




Press Releases & News

Recognized for Excellent QualitySpartan Light Metal Products, a supplier of alum...

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

Boschstr. 10, 47533 Kleve, Germany


Boschstr. 10
47533 Kleve

Telephone: +4928218920
Fax: +49.2821.892.2200

Press Releases & News

July 2021 – SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has announced the newest version of...
SPECTRO Introduces New SPECTRO MIDEX MID05 Small-Spot ED-XRF Spectrometer For Precious Metals Testing
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has recently introduced the SPECTRO MIDEX MID05 s...
Dr. Christoph Mätzig Named Managing Director, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH today announced that Dr. Christoph Mätzig h...


SPECTRO, a unit of the Materials Analysis Division of AMETEK, Inc., manufactures advanced instruments, develops the best solutions for elemental analysis in a broad range of applications, and provides exemplary customer service.

SPECTRO’s products are known for their superior technical capabilities that deliver measurable benefits to the customer. From its foundation in 1979 until today, more than 50,000 analytical instruments have been delivered to customers around the world.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical products, with 17,000 colleagues at 150 manufacturing and sales and service operations in 30 countries around the world.

To meet the divergent metal analysis needs of the industry, SPECTRO developed two of the leading arc spark optical emission spectroscopy instruments: the SPECTROLAB and the SPECTROMAXx. Both were designed to meet the unique needs of the end user. Each instrument features individual strengths, characterized by fast and precise analysis, plus ease of use and reliability. Innovative technologies, such as SPECTROLAB´s UV-PLUS system, newly developed analytical methods and algorithms for detecting sample defects, form the basis for the outstanding performance of these leading metal analyzers. The SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements — and the budgets — of small and medium-size foundries and machining operations.

For more information, visit or email


Whitepaper: “Measuring Carbon in Cast Iron”

Minor differences in carbon content can seriously impact your finished product’s desired mechanical properties. This paper explains a new analytical method for measuring carbon in cast iron that combines the exceptional measurement accuracy of the classic combustion method with the speed, ease of use, and affordability of optical emission spectroscopy (OES) technology.

If you’re casting iron, you’re measuring carbon. And if you’re measuring carbon please register and download this paper now.

Application Brief: “Analyzing Blast Furnace Slag Using ED-XRF”

Blast furnace slag is a by-product of pig iron production in blast furnaces. Analysis of the slag close to the production site is useful for both quality control of the process and also for evaluating the usability of the slag for recycling. This paper explains how this analysis can be performed, close to the production site, with a next generation, energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer. The application brief also reviews the various sample preparation methodologies employed and reports the analytical performance for each approach.

VIDEO: “The Analysis of Carbon in Cast Iron”

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has developed a new analytical solution that combines the accuracy of the combustion method with the speed and ease-of use of OES. Incorporated in its SPECTROLAB and SPECTROMAXx systems, this advanced OES technology now makes it possible to precisely detect and analyze samples containing free graphite with results comparable to those achieved by combustion analysis.

The SPECTROMAXx and the SPECTROLAB instruments can monitor carbon emissions during the pre-spark phase to detect the presence of free graphite and select analytical conditions that minimize its effects. In analysis, the better the quality of the sample, the better the quality of the result; this approach also uses a statistical method to detect bad samples automatically.


Via Crugnola 15, 21010 BESNATE (VA) , Italy


Via Crugnola 15
21010 BESNATE (VA)

Telephone: +390331274116
Fax: +39 0331 274516
Email: davide.giussani(at)


Who we are

Family-owned company with 15 employees established in 1981 and specialized in design and manufacturing of moulds for  all kinds of aluminium pressure die-casting.


Davide Giussani  (Technical & Sales Director)
e-mail: Opens window for sending emaildavide.giussani(at)

Barbara Zuern (Business Development)
e-mail: Opens window for sending emailbarbara.zuern(at)

Main fields 

Automotive, Aerospace, Lighting Telecommunication, Medical Devices; Cookware, Furniture Industry, Design.

Services offered

Design and manufacturing of moulds for aluminium pressure die-casting related to presses up to 1200/1500 tons, moulds’ sampling. Dimensional check and final test.

Software list


  • CATIA V5
  • Pro-Engineer
  • Rhinoceros


  • Flocast 3D


English, German


Products & Services




StrikoWestofen Group

Hohe Str. 14, 51643 Gummersbach, Germany


Hohe Str. 14
51643 Gummersbach

Telephone: +49 2261 7091–0
Fax: +49 2261 7091–107
Email: sales(at)

Press Releases & News

Smart, sleek and with curves in all the right places: Auto Heinen recommends latest dosing furnace innovation from StrikoWestofen
Auto Heinen GmbH, based in Bad Münstereifel, Germany, has been a StrikoWestofen...
Schlank, kurvig und mit Grips: Auto Heinen setzt auf neueste Dosierofen-Innovation von StrikoWestofen
Auto Heinen GmbH in Bad Münstereifel ist seit fast 40 Jahren StrikoWestofen-Kun...
Alupress foundry pilots digital dosing optimisation for improved productivity
The automotive parts specialist, which also has locations in Italy and the US, h...


Strobel Quarzsand GmbH

Freihungsand 3, 92271 Freihung, Germany


Freihungsand 3
92271 Freihung


Aage Grams Vej 1, 6500 Vojens, Denmark


Aage Grams Vej 1
6500 Vojens

Press Releases & News

STØTEK A/S is primed for future growth
STØTEK A/S has sold a minority stake to the investment company Industri Udvikli...

Suzhou JinCheng Precision Die Casting Co.,Ltd

No.9 Zhen Tai Road, Tai Ping Industrial Park Xiangcheng Area, 215137 Suzhou, Jiang Su, China


No.9 Zhen Tai Road, Tai Ping Industrial Park Xiangcheng Area
215137 Suzhou, Jiang Su

Telephone: 008651265438088
Email: kelvinlee(at)

Manufacturing Skills

ISO 9001 Certified
DIN EN ISO 14001


  • Suzhou Jincheng Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd, a Joint venture with Singapore investor with total investment of US$ 42 million (RMB250 million).
  • specialized in High Pressure AL Die Casting, CNC Precision Machining and mechanical Assembly in Automotive, Telecommunication and industrial etc.
  • total factory built up of 60,000m²
  • 780 staff with senior engineers and skilled design, tooling, programming engineers ration 1/5 of company.
  • 23 units high pressure die casting machines tonnage ranging from 88Tons to 2000Tons.
  • 160 units CNC machines and CNC turning machines.

  • Suzhou JinCheng Precision Die Casting Co.,Ltd
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