Alu-Onto Ltd.

Ráckevei u. 8., 2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary, Hungary


Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always endeavoured to make aluminium sand castings which would reflect the level of current special knowledge and expectation to a preserving extent and hence to an overdeveloped extent.

Its new generation castings are being used in many fields, namely in the power generation, motor, machine and medical industries. Their approach to the work can be regarded as an active partner’s status rather than as a customer-oriented one. 

Owing to all this, Alu-Onto meets the requirements of all and places a high priority on remaining innovative.


In Alu-Onto sand mold foundry, a small series of typically complex, high-quality aluminum castings are produced. Our castings can also be used in the case of other end-use products of casting technology, which brings validations, assembly work and tests very close, all at an affordable price. In addition, customers are assured that their product developments, in small series, can be introduced almost immediately in different segments of the market.

Thr patented technology is exclusively gravity (atmospheric pressure) sand casting, which is realized with different types of sand. For the raw materials used, siluminous grades and other aluminum alloys are used according to the standard. Full cleaning, surface and after-treatment work is provided, depending on the customer's needs.


Ráckevei u. 8.
2316 Tököl, Pf.:53., Hungary

Telephone +36 24 531 830

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Foundry of Excellence: Alu-Onto Ltd, a family-run aluminium foundry from Hungary

Founded in 1991, Alu-Onto Ltd. is a family-run foundry which has always endeavo...
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