RAMPF Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Albstraße 37, DE-72661 Grafenberg, Germany



Albstraße 37
DE-72661 Grafenberg

Telephone +49.7123.9342-0

Press Releases & News

More Replications. Faster Machining. RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 For Pattern & Mold Making.

Kyle Wohler, Sales Manager at RAMPF Group, Inc.: RAKU® TOOL WB-1258 outperform...

RAMPF: Polyurethane Board sets new Standard with 100 000+ Replications

Thanks to its exceptional abrasion resistance, more than 100,000 replications ca...

New board material from RAMPF opens up new dimensions in foundry modeling

RAKU-TOOL® WB-1258 with exceptional abrasion resistance to be unveiled at GIFA ...
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