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GER - Despite full Order Books, Gusswerke Leipzig announces insolvency

Sounds strange at first: The order situation is stable, the customers are loyal, the machines are busy - and yet the Gusswerke Leipzig (formerly Halberg Guss) have now filed for bankruptcy. One year after the 700 or so employees fought over weeks of strikes to keep their jobs. What's next in Böhlitz-Ehrenberg?

With this step, Gusswerke Leipzig wants to detach itself above all from the sister plant in Saarbruecken, which had registered bankruptcy already at the end of September. The insolvency administrator of the Saarbrücken company had tried, but failed, to declare the Saarbrücken court responsible in order to obtain his appointment for the Leipzig Foundry. 

"We want to continue the restructuring course we have embarked on, business will continue as usual. All wages and liabilities are also paid," emphasizes works council chairman Thomas Jürs.

Bernd Kruppa, the authorized representative of IG Metall Leipzig, explains: "Now it's about our independence and securing future order volumes. The Leipzig plant manufactures first-class quality products, in particular truck and industrial engine parts for major customers such as Volkswagen and Scania as a Group company and Deutz, and sees itself as technologically capable of producing new product segments." In other words, Leipzig castings could even be expanded in the future.


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