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23. May 2007

International Metalworkers Federation executive meets

IMF executive committee debates future of the international trade union movement.

A lively debate on the future of the international trade union movement was held by the executive committee of the International Metalworkers’ Federation at its meeting in Seville on May 10 & 11.

While no conclusions were reached, it was agreed that in seeking closer co-operation with other global union federations the IMF must be mindful of aiming to strengthen the international trade union movement and remain faithful to the interests of metalworkers.

The committee also heard a report on IMF’s work in the Africa region where IMF resources are focused on certain countries where there is a ‘critical mass’ of workers and the potential for sustainable unionism, in particular general manufacturing unions. Stephen Nhlapo, IMF regional represenative for Africa, also spoke of the problems unions in Africa face when they become dependent on funding from organisations in the North.

The IMF executive committee once again firmly reiterated it support of Napoleon Gomez, the general secretary of the Mexican Miners’ Union. On April 16, Gomez was once again recognised by the Mexican government as the elected leader of the union. However Gomez remains in exile, as there are cases pending against him which have not yet been resolved.

The executive committee welcomed two new affiliataes as members of the IMF. They are:

  • Fédération se la Métallurgie CFE-CGC – France
  • Autonomous Metalworkers’ Union of Serbia (AMUS)

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