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09. September 2011

Equip Auto: ContiTech Heading to Paris with Product Premieres

Ensures auxiliary unit drives run smoothly. Overrunning alternator pulleys and overrunning alternator decouplers in original equipment manufacturer quality will be available in ContiTech's product range starting in the fall, Photo: ContiTech

- New solutions for drive and air suspension systems
- Assembly aids ensure professional belt fitting (Uni-Tool Elast copper-aluminium alloy diecasting process)
- Comprehensive product information in French
- Air springs from the ContiTech and Phoenix brands for nearly any application in buses, trucks and trailers

Product premiere in Paris: The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is going to the specialist trade fair Equip Auto (October 11 to 15) with torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys. The expanded tool range for changing timing belts will also be featured at booth 87 in hall 6. As a partner of businesses and repair shops, ContiTech supports customers in their daily work not only with technically sophisticated products, but also with competent advice, an informative Internet site, and repair shop training courses throughout Europe. In Paris ContiTech Air Spring Systems is presenting its tried-and-tested air suspension systems for commercial vehicles.

The Power Transmission Group business unit is showing its large product portfolio in original quality in Paris, which will also feature torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys for the first time start in the fall. They dampen the vibrations in auxiliary unit drives and lengthen the service life of belt drive components. Visitors will be able to have a good look at the comprehensive product information service PIC from ContiTech on a monitor. The online service will be available in French punctually at the beginning of the trade fair. Also for the first time, repair shops will be able to arrange technical training courses directly at ContiTech's trade fair booth.

ContiTech's tool range has also been expanded. What's new is a set especially for changing timing belts on vehicles from the VW group. With the manufacture-specific Tool Box, fitters have the right special tool at hand. "Next year tool boxes for other brands will be available on the market," Helmut Engel, head of the automotive aftermarket for the ContiTech Power Transmission Group, announced. In addition to this, fitters will also be impressed by the simple handling of the new CONTI® UNI-TOOL ELAST. With the universal tool, auto pros will be able to replace elastic V-ribbed belts quickly, easily and professionally on a broad range of vehicle applications. It also has an extra advantage for workshops: No expensive special tools need be purchased from the manufacturer. ContiTech has also introduced more timing belt kits and water pump kits, as well as solutions with torsional vibration dampers, primarily for French vehicles.

The Air Springs Systems business unit is showcasing tried-and-tested, maintenance-free air spring systems for the replacement market. The booth at the trade show focuses on the two-brand strategy. ContiTech is the premium brand for meeting maximum commercial vehicle engineering requirements and guarantees air springs with highly specific suspension properties, extremely high durability and maximum load capacity, all resulting in a high level of safety in OEM and replacement parts. Phoenix is an established and successful brand which offers an economical solution: suitable high-quality suspension systems and standard types at reasonable prices.

Besides the classical applications in buses, trucks and trailers, ContiTech and Phoenix air springs are also found in rail vehicles as well as truck cab and seat suspension systems. The broad and constantly growing product portfolio covers nearly every air suspension application in buses, trucks or trailers.


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