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03. February 2012

A Heartfelt Welcome from Foundry Planet Ltd.

A Heartfelt Welcome from Foundry Planet Ltd.

We have strengthened our international team with a new member, and we are very pleased to introduce Ms. Oanh Nguyen-Schröck.

Ms. Nguyen-Schröck was born in Vietnam and has lived in Germany for 28 years. She will be   responsible in the area marketing and sales as well as project work.

Ms. Nguyen-Schröck has obtained vast experience in Sales, Marketing and PR through previous correlating work responsibilities. Her customer oriented skills and friendly service abilities makes her the ideal contact for your needs.

Ms. Oanh Nguyen-Schröck looks forward to a cooperation with you.

Ms. Oanh Nguyen-Schröck Contact Information:

Oanh Nguyen-Schröck
Sales & Marketing
Tel.: +49 (0) 8362 - 93085-65
Fax: +49 (0) 8362 - 93085-20
Email: ons@foundry-planet.com

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