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19. August 2012

Simulation-based optimization of cooling and characteristics of large castings

Simulation-based optimization of cooling and characteristics of large castings

The MAC GmbH together with Benninger Guss AG and the University of Applied Science, Aargau, is investing into the future. Benninger Guss AG from Uzwil, Switzerland holds decades of technical experience as an iron foundry for castings up to 5 tons, MAC GmbH provides experience about optimization of casting processes to this project. The partnership is completed by the foundry-center of the University of Engineering (Hochschule für Technik). Financial support is provided by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Customer requirements for technologically and economically advanced large castings are increasing.  The worldwide trend of near-net-shape design, special materials and shorter lead times requires a continuous development in casting processes and technologies.

The target of the project is to cut the cooling time of large sand moulded castings by half while keeping quality standards. In addition to the 1:1 development a numerical simulation program is extended to include the mould cooling function. Also the influence of the cooling on the resulting component properties is examined. The project is completed by assessing the resulting profitability when using the optimized method.

With the results of this project MAC GmbH | Consulting and Engineering (www.maceng.ch) once again presents itself as an engineering partner for innovative technologies.

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