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12. May 2013

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Johnstown Specialty Castings to close May 31

A local foundry is closing its doors for good. WHEMCO confirmed to 6 News on Tuesday that its subsidiary, Johnstown Specialty Castings, will shut down on at the end of the month.

Many of the people who are being laid off have worked at the plant for decades, some of them most of their lives. They told 6 News on Tuesday that they're used to not being treated well because they've been laid off before. But they said they know this will be the last time.

In March, 36 people were laid off from plant. Those workers were on the foundry side, in charge of casting the product. A few of them were held on to for cleanup purposes but now that the foundry side is gone, the machinery side is finishing up its work. Union officials told 6 News the remaining 40 or so workers have all received their second warn notices that their work should be completed by May 31; The day parent company WHEMCO said it's shutting the doors for good.

WHEMCO spokesperson Tim Spang told 6 News that the closing remains an open issue and he couldn't comment what will happen to the plant. But workers said many of the machines have already been sold.

When asked about future job possibilities for those being laid off, Spang said if workers are willing to relocate, they might consider hiring them at its facilities in Pittsburgh. But workers said they've been told there are only about four positions open.

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