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09. January 2014

Balkans.com Business News Correspondent

Italian metallurgical company Metalleghe will build in Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia Herzegovina, another plant, which will open 100 new jobs. The new plant of the company in Bosnia and Herzegovina includes new industrial furnace, accompanying equipment and laboratory for the production of the silicon metal and it will be completed within 24 months.
Complete range of final products from this plant will be intended for export.

The project is worth 30 million EUR, and will be supported by the RS Government.

Metalleghe company was founded in 1980 in Brescia, and has been operating in BiH from 2004 when it took over the company BSI d.o.o. Jajce .

Metalleghe company produces alloys, coal, products for chemical carburizing and briquettes of iron-alloys for steelworks, smelter and foundry iron.        

Source: Balkans.com

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