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04. October 2007



The meeting of the casting industry

The event included national and foreign companies, announced the creation of the Brazilian Casting Committee under the seal of the ABNT and renewed an agreement with the APEX to simulate the participation of businesspoeple – mainly small- and mid-sized ones, in the foreign market

Considered one of the World’s seven largest producers of cast parts, Brazil broadend the discussions about the future of the national casting industry with the 2007 CONAF/FENAF, the largest meeting of the industry’s productive chain that was held from September 25th to 28th in the Expocenter Norte, in the city of Sao Paulo. There are two pavilions (Green and Red) and an annex, comprising an area of 247,500 square feet.

Held every two years, the event, organized by the ABFA – Brazilian Foundry Association – gathered foundries, machine and equipment manufacturers, raw material, suppliers, technology and logistic companies, and service providers.

Industrial machines and equipment, agricultural implements, water supply and basic sanitation networks are some consumers of that industry, whose revenue was 6 billion dollars in 2006, producing 3 million and 87 thousand tons of iron, steel, copper, zinc, aluminium, magnesium, generating 58 thousand direct jobs and exporting 1.4 billion dollars. In addition to that, 53% of that industry’s production supplies the automotive industry, since there is no motorized means of transportation motorized that  does not use cast parts.

The 2007 FENAF, its 12th edition, has increased its representativeness with the adhesion and support of companies located in South America and, since 2005, has started being considered the South American Casting Fair. This time, the event had 435 exhibitors and nearly 30 thousand people visited the place. Among the new features, ther was a stand of the APEX – Export and Investment Promotion Agency to assist the casting businesspeople in the exportation process and in making business abroad viable.

Another feature is the presentation of the Brazilian Casting Committee, with the seal of the Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT). With that standatdization, the entity, which represents 1,254 foundries througout Brazil, has requested the revision of the alredy existing norms which should be updated, maintained, or canceled, besides the creation of new regulations for the sector.

Simultaneously to the fair, there was the 13th CONAF – Casting Congress. With a diversified program, in the four days of the event Abifa were presented lectures and works developed by the technical area, projects and initiatives that foster the industry’s technological development and discussions about ecologically responsible policies and methods.

Once again, the 2007 CONAF was held in the partnership with the ABAL – Brazialian Aluminum Association and the ABM – Brazilian Metallurgy and Materials Association and it had the support of the CIFRA – Camara de Industirales Fundidores de La Republica Argentina.

In the opening of the Congress, on the 25th, there was signature of the creation of the Brazilian Casting Committee, with the ABNT’s support and the presentation of the Study of the Casting Sector, made with FINEP’s resources, which resulted in an innovative mapping of the industry’s companies.

With International recognition, the 2007 CONAF/FENAF is alredy definitively inserted in the calendar of business fairs and exhibitions of the industrial sector and has the participation of representatives of several countries thar are notoriusly important for the casting segment, such as Germany and the United States, besides Italy, which once again was represented in its own pavilion, subsidized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Trade.

This year, businesspeople from those countries also came to locally check what is new and to narrow relationships with national executives promoting rounds of business talks and possible partnerships to expand borders for the national casting industry.

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Founded in 1969, ABIFA – Brazilian Foundry Association – presided by Devanir Brichesi since July of this year, represents the sector of casting of parts in iron, steels and non-ferrous alloys. The mission of the entity is promoting the technical and political dvelopment seeking improvements of the socioeconomic conditions. ABIFA seeks the growth of the casting industry in of the national setting, constantly seeking for the technical and commercial improvement of the area’s professionals.

With a policy focused on the strengthening of the industry, as well as a more effective representation of the foundries, has been looking for partnerships with similar entities at the national and international levels. Nowadays, the entity has three regional offices , in Itaúna (MG), Joinville (SC) and Piracicaba (SP) and has 350 members.

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