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29. November 2007

New NADCA White Paper Examines Die Casting Advantages Over Plastic Components

WHEELING, Ill.,  -- The North American Die Casting Association has produced a new White Paper, "The Advantages of Die Casting Over Plastic Components" that examines of the benefits of using die casting instead of plastic injection molding.

    Die casting has a well-established reputation as an efficient, economical process that offers designers a variety of advantages for creating parts and components. Among the principal advantages when comparing die casting to plastics are that die casting produces stronger parts with closer tolerances that have greater stability and durability. Die cast parts also have greater resistance to temperature extremes and superior electrical properties.

    "Cost is also a very important consideration in today's marketplace as continuing increases in the price of oil have a significant impact on the price of plastic feedstock used in producing parts," explained Dan Twarog, NADCA's president. "Plus, tooling costs and lifespan are typically equivalent and designers can choose from a wide range of standard and custom alloys to meet a variety of performance criteria."

    The White paper includes charts comparing the performance characteristics of several alloys and plastic resins. There are also examples showing cost-saving, performance and production improvements achieved by OEMs that used die casting to replace plastic parts.

    For more information or to request a copy of the white paper, visit: http://www.diecasting.org/oem.htm

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