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09. June 2009

RAD Introduces Flexible, Deburring Solution

RAD Introduces Flexible, Deburring Solution


Both units provide variable speed and 360˚ of uniform radial compliance to accommodate part and path variations without requiring changes in robot orientation.

The designed-in flexibility allows you to use one tool for a variety of materials and burs - saving you money and programming time. Each unit comes with a unique Mounting Saddle that is easily adjustable in your choice of 5 mounting angles and provides three commonly used ISO bolt patterns for even greater flexibility.

Rigid automated deburring tools perform sufficiently along consistent edges or surfaces, but may fail when paths deviate due to part or process variations. RAD’s radial compliant deburring tool allows the bur to accurately follow the part profile, maintaining a constant force on the part surface – giving you consistent results time after time.

About RAD

RAD designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of robotic and hard-tooled accessories including Collision Sensors, Compliance Devices, Deburring Tools, Grippers and Tool Changers. RAD products maximize your uptime and increase your product quality and dependability enabling you to be more competitive in today’s global marketplace.




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