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20. January 2010

New product applications and innovations

New product applications and innovations

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At the EUROGUSS 2010 from January 19th to 21st 2010 Foseco will be showing new processes and products for optimized process controlled melt treatment and melt monitoring. Following the integration with Vesuvius, Foseco is now able to offer a full range of refractory systems for all non-ferrous alloys. A wide range of monolithic and precast products are available and Foseco personnel are on hand to offer advice on product selection, maintenance and design. Combining existing Foseco foundry resources with those of the Vesuvius foundry organisation will form the new foundry division This will lead to a broader product offering and the introduction of new technology while the dedicated customer-focus of the existing businesses will continue as before, unchanged.

A powerful software tool has been developed to benchmark existing rotor types and to create new designs. Based on fundamental process data like crucible dimensions, alloy type, start and target level of hydrogen content the software recommends the best rotor type and diameter. Additionally it provides a prediction of the degassing curve. This tool is another step forward to fully understand the melt treatment processes.  The ALSPEK H with a ceramic support tube is in use in several foundries around the world. The newly developed sensor combines the hydrogen probe with a thermocouple in a single flexible wire. In combination with a handheld read-out unit foundry men are able to monitor quality by a simple dipping the sensor into the melt, but also to combine it with an FDU to fully control the degassing process. Foseco offer now a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces.

For application in dosing furnaces, consumables like riser tubes, thermocouple protection tubes and launders will be displayed. A study shows a new lining concept for dosing furnace. Foseco now offers most of the furnace consumables in different materials like INSURAL, Silicon Carbide, clay graphite or ZYAROCK, a highly purified fused silica. Depending on customer’s requirements the sales team is able to offer the most suitable solution to foundries.

The ALSPEK H electrochemical sensor for hydrogen measures directly the content of dissolved hydrogen in aluminium melts. The hydrogen sensor ALSPEK H can be used not only for single hydrogen measurements but also for the continuous evaluation of the hydrogen content.

As a result, the evaluation process provides possibilities to directly and reproducibly define the H2 concentration for example in dosing or bale-out furnaces.FDU rotary degassing is an important step in aluminium melt treatment.

The recently developed MTS 1500 process offers the capability of injecting a range of metal treatment products. The rotor design is a key of degassing performance. Foseco continuously improves their rotor designs – the MTS FDR rotor is the latest type of design, which is highly efficient in removing dissolved hydrogen as well as oxides and inclusions.

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