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29. March 2011

Japanese earthquake - Nissan Motor Chinese venture cuts production

Xinhua reported that production at a Nissan Motor plant in China dwindled dramatically two weeks after Japan earthquake and tsunami disrupted the supply of key auto parts.

Workers at a Dongfeng Nissan plant in central China Hubei Province told reporters that Saturday production level at the assembly workshop dropped to less than one third of the normal level.

A worker who declined to give his name said "We used to assemble 304 cars a day, but today our plan is set at 82.”

He said that and our work time was cut to half a day to accommodate the production."

Japanese automotive joint ventures in China get 60% to 70% of their parts locally while key parts like engines and transmissions are imported from Japan.

Many Japanese car manufacturers shut down operations after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami damaged factories and infrastructure and delayed shipments of raw materials.

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