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51. Won Kang Metal Co., Ltd.  
Date: 01-01-70
Won Kang Metal Co., Ltd. Categories: steel  
52. Wolfensberger AG  
Date: 01-01-70
Wolfensberger AG Categories: grey ironductile ironsteel  
53. William Cook Cast Products  
Date: 01-01-70
William Cook Cast Products Categories: steel casting  
54. Weir Materials & Foundries  
Date: 01-01-70
Weir Materials & Foundries Categories: steel  
55. Weardale Steel (Wolsingham) Ltd.  
Date: 01-01-70
Weardale Steel (Wolsingham) Ltd. Categories: grey ironductile ironsteel  
56. Watry Industries, Inc.  
Date: 01-01-70
Watry Industries, Inc. Categories: aluminium sand castingaluminium gravity diecasting  
57. Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH  
Date: 01-01-70
Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH Categories: grey ironductile iron  
58. Walter Hundhausen GmbH  
Date: 01-01-70
Walter Hundhausen GmbH Categories: grey iron ductile iron  
59. Wako Kiko Co., Ltd  
Date: 01-01-70
Wako Kiko Co., Ltd Categories: ductile iron  
60. VOS a.s.  
Date: 01-01-70
VOS a.s. Categories: grey ironductile ironaluminium sand casting  
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