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1. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
Date: 21-01-15
Look at the video to see how Foundry Castings are Grinded in the class leading Koyama Automatic Grinding Machines supplied in Europe by PS Auto Grinding Limited. Perfect Grinding at about 1/3 of the  
2. PS Auto Grinding Limited, Market Leading Suppliers of Automatic Grinding Machines  
Date: 24-01-12
... sure additions to their foundry equipment without the possibility of any additional costs." P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
3. PS Auto Grinding Limited, are distributors of market leading Koyama Automatic Grinding Machines throughout Europe.  
Date: 07-06-15
... as 1 year. See us in Hall 15 Stand C08. Your competitors certainly will be.    P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
4. P.S. Auto Grinding Series 500 TT-S at MGG Netherlands  
Date: 21-03-12
... can make them more money and produce better, more consistent castings in a safer manner. " P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
5. PS Auto Grinding Limited: The cost of foundry space with large grinding departments  
Date: 06-12-12
... fettling departments producing poor quality with poor safety records no longer applies. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
6. P.S. Auto Grinding appoints Eurocast Industries in Poland  
Date: 17-05-17
... SP ZO.O SP.K, ul.Grabowa 21/7, 30-227 Krakow, Poland. Mob: +48 509 738 08, Tel: +48 12 62525 40. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd., Eurocast Industries SP ZO.O SP.K, Eurocast Industrie, Polish foundry industry, PSAG,  
7. P.S. Auto Grinding: Improved Working Conditions in Grinding Departments: Less Cost, More Profit  
Date: 06-08-13
... Stay Competitive Start with Largest Problem. The Grinding Department. Or is it an Opportunity? P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
8. Turkish Foundries Say ‘Yes’ to Perfect Grinding at a Third of Cost of Hand Grinding  
Date: 23-09-14
... Czech Republic, another fast growing market on the 29th September. ###COMPANY_LINK###  P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
9. PS Auto Grinding Limited, market leading suppliers...  
Date: 27-02-12
... The appointment of our new Business Partners allows far closer links with these markets." P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
10. PS Auto Grinding See Growth in Aluminium Foundries  
Date: 08-05-13
... who often have many competing decisions to make and welcome the professional support we give. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
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