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1. A European flurry for automatic grinding  
Date: 23-04-17
... to PSAG to seek a helping hand in improving production capabilities and process efficiencies. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd., P.S. Autogrinding, automatic grinding equipment, Koyama Machines, Fonderie Palmieri...  
2. Automatic fettling - Barinder Koyama K 500 TT XXL field tested at the Jura-Guss GmbH  
Date: 07-11-14
... Jura-Guss GmbH is conveivable.Automatic fettling exemplary with a Koyama 500 TT XXL - Distribution: P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. Jura Guss GmbH  
3. Automatic Grinding Machines Payback in 1 Year  
Date: 11-02-13
... fund other capital investment improvements to the foundry.  Like us on ###COMPANY_LINK### P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
4. Automatic grinding specialist launches German company  
Date: 14-02-17
... costs are minimal and, thanks to easy to use programming, IT support is unnecessary. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd., Automatic grinding, German company, automatic, PSAG, Japanese-manufactured, Koyama...  
5. Automatic Grinding Specialist Surges Ahead  
Date: 05-12-17
... of choice for many leading and progressive European foundries. Automatic Grinding Machines, P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
6. Hand grinding is no longer a viable solution  
Date: 24-04-12
P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
7. Koyama Automatic Grinding Machines  
Date: 21-08-14
... what could be in it for your foundry. also available in: ###COMPANY_LINK###  P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
8. P.S. Auto Grinding - Interview With Mr Álvaro Pereira, CEO of, Fucoli-Somepal, Portugal  
Date: 20-10-14
... and profitability of Fucoli-Somepal but has also made our job much easier and simpler. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
9. P.S. Auto Grinding appoints Eurocast Industries in Poland  
Date: 17-05-17
... SP ZO.O SP.K, ul.Grabowa 21/7, 30-227 Krakow, Poland. Mob: +48 509 738 08, Tel: +48 12 62525 40. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd., Eurocast Industries SP ZO.O SP.K, Eurocast Industrie, Polish foundry industry, PSAG,  
10. P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.  
Date: 21-01-15
Look at the video to see how Foundry Castings are Grinded in the class leading Koyama Automatic Grinding Machines supplied in Europe by PS Auto Grinding Limited. Perfect Grinding at about 1/3 of the  
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