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11. The 73rd World Foundry Congress  
Date: 21-09-18
... and additives concepts enabling enhanced construction and casting properties  // R. Stötzel, ASK Chemicals GmbH, GermanyNew Technology Platform ECOCURE BLUE: Reduc¬tion of emissions in foundry processes...  
12. ASK Chemicals launches new release agent ECOPART CB H 18-350  
Date: 26-07-18
... verfügbar in Deutsch: ASK Chemicals führt neues Trennmittel ECOPARTTM CB H 18-350 ein ASK Chemicals GmbH  
13. ASK: Inorganic core production in foundries  
Date: 05-06-18
... of inorganic core production. Further information is available at: www.ask-chemicals.com ASK Chemicals GmbH, inorganic core, foundry  
14. A breath of Fresh Air with ASK CHemicals  
Date: 01-03-18
... with customers and all those who want to "get a breath of fresh air" in the future. ASK CHEMICALS GMBH, foundry, chemicals, formstoff-forum, ECOCURETM BLUE, Christian Appelt, Felix Mück, Frank...  
15. ASK Chemicals inaugurates its new Spanish plant  
Date: 19-01-18
... site of ASK Chemicals accommodates the mini-riser operations as well as coatings production. ASK Chemicals GmbH  
16. ASK: Ways out of the raw material cost trap  
Date: 15-12-17
... of this solution is moderately complex, but requires prior in-depth assessment.  ASK CHEMICALS GMBH, furan, mixed resins, chemicals, foundry, ASKURANTM, MAGNASETTM, BERANOL  
17. From supplier to developing partner of the foundry industry  
Date: 08-11-17
... to stand alongside the foundry industry in partnership. auch in Deutsch  verfügbar ASK CHEMICALS GMBH, oem, jörg brotzki, foundry, application technology center, casting, sand, binders, release...  
18. ASK - That certain something in the casting process  
Date: 25-10-17
... 3010[2] Recknagel, U.; GIESSEREI RUNDSCHAU 56 (2009); p. 6 ff. (Foundry Review, in German) ASK Chemicals GmbH, release agents, binders, casting, foundry, coated sand, additives, organic, cold-box...  
19. Currently bottlenecks in foundry raw materials- ASK's Jörg Brotzki gives his view  
Date: 16-06-17
... long the current shortage of the materials concerned will last. Thanks to our supplier strategy, ASK Chemicals GmbH is in a position to continue to supply its customers, albeit at higher prices for the...  
20. Big solutions at Metal + Metallurgy China 2017  
Date: 31-05-17
... discussions with customers, prospective customers, and partners at its Booth A27 in Hall N1. ASK Chemicals GmbH  
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