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1. Meltech Ltd: New investment For Europe’s leading Sculpture Foundry  
Date: 10-08-17
... and has given us confidence in their products and services”  Induction Melting System, Meltech Ltd., tilting furnaces,  
2. Pulsar IGBT (Transistorized) induction melting inverter surpasses expectation.  
Date: 25-05-17
... for a Vacuum furnace application which is due to be commissioned in the summer of 2017.   MELTECH Ltd., Induction Furnaces, Pulsar IGBT Induction melting inverter  
3. Meltech Ltd Success With 100kw Pulsar System with Two Mag-Melt “C” Furnace Bodies  
Date: 09-07-15
The GIFA 2015 Dusseldorf proved to be successful for Meltech Ltd from the UK, as their 100kw pulsar system with two Mag-Melt “C” furnace bodies sold on the very first day of the GIFA.The deal was  
4. MELTECH - Special Induction melting furnace for technology centre in Belgium.  
Date: 12-05-15
The Metal Processing Centre is a joint venture between OCAS (research centre for the application of steel) and CRM (Centre for research in metallurgy) and is equipped to develop, produce, process  
5. Meltech Ltd Tilting and Crucible Systems  
Date: 08-04-15
Have a look at the video with Meltech Ltd tilting and crucible systems for the efficient melting of ferrous, non ferrous and precious metals. Starting from 10kg to 1500kg with power ratings of 75 to  
6. Meltech Induction Furnaces at Brunel University  
Date: 10-12-14
Check out the induction furnaces in the video from Meltech Ltd which were commissioned at Brunel University, Uxbridge , UK. The Pulsar 125kW Inverter driving a 35kg Mag-Melt "C" crucible  
7. Meltech - Development strategy increases business for the UK’s leader in rebuilt induction furnaces.  
Date: 04-11-14
2014 has ushered in a major increase in the new and rebuilt induction furnace sales for Meltech Ltd with around one system being despatched every three to four weeks.The introduction of brand new UK  
8. Meltech Ltd Mag-Melt Hydraulic Tilting Furnace  
Date: 01-10-14
Meltech Ltd features a magnetically screened 500kg Mag-Melt hydraulic tilting furnace from with an advanced design incorporating shunt gap technology for improved efficiency and reliability. The  
9. Meltech Furnace Technology at Newby Foundries Group  
Date: 25-08-14
Since the installation of the very first 550kW , 1,000Hz Pulsar induction furnace system at Newby foundries in Wednesbury back in August 2011,  Meltech Ltd has been awarded a further two orders  


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