Polish Foundrymen's Association (STOP)

ul. Zakopia?ska 73, 30418 Kraków, Polen


Polish Foundrymen’s Association was founded over 80 years ago as a voluntary, non-governmental organization associating over 1000 engineers and technicians working in the foundry industry and foundry institutions, and over 40 supporting members. It operates within the territory through 17 branches. The Association is a member of the World Foundry Organisation (WFO), Central European Foundry Initiative (MEGI) and Polish Federation of Engineering Association (NOT).

The Polish Foundrymen’s Association is engaged in the organization of workshops, training, conferences, symposia, competitions, technical trips, etc. The main goal of the association is the promotion of the Polish foundry industry.
The Association has its own official journal under the title “PRZEGLĄD ODLEWNICTWA” (Foundry Review). Foundry Review is the only technical journal in Poland dedicated foundry industry. It is distributed among Polish and foreign foundries and companies using castings in their production, as well as among the majority of engineers and technicians working in foundries.

The Polish Foundrymen’s Association was the organizer of the 73rd World Foundry Congress which was held on 23rd -27th September 2018 in Krakow, Poland.


ul. Zakopia?ska 73
30418 Kraków

Telephone +48 12 26 18 576

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