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Foundry Expert looking for next Challenge

  • Application: Production and Engineering, Technical activities
  • Worldwide


Continue in the foundry industry where I have spent the last 12.0 years and till now of my foundry career. I wish to use my talents and experience to mutually benefit me and my next employer as I have done in the past. I am looking for a position where I can offer my best every day in exchange for a reasonable living wages, in a positive environment that will still be in business when it is time for me to retire.

Academic Record
Undergraduate 2004-2008
Course:  B.E – Mechanical Engineering
College:  M.N.S.K Collage of Engineering   
University: Anna University, Chennai

Skill Set

  • Packages: MS-Office 
  • Production & planning control with time study – BOSCH Pvt LTD
  • MSA system & SPC training given by – MSA system PVT.LTD - Coimbatore.
  • Training in metallurgical for ferrous & non ferrous materials given by IIFS – Coimbatore.
  • Training in Process control and  sand testing analysis given by DISA - bangalure 
  • PFMEA & SPC & MSA Training given by Dhorna Consultancy – Coimbatore.
  • Training in IATF 16949:2018 given by Suzuki motors- Gujarath.

Company:  Jothi Malleables Private LTD, Thuvakkudi, Trichy.
Department: Process Control , Designation: Jr.Ennginner
Experience:  3 Years (2008- 2012)

Company: Gautam Castings Pvt Ltd. Rajkot. Gujrat.
Department:  QA, Designation: Engineer - Process Control.
Experience: 2.0 Years (2012 - 2014)

Company: LAVA CAST PVT.LTD. Vadodara, Gujrat
Department: QA, Designation: Engineer - Process Control.
Experience:  3.0 years.( 2014 - 2017)

Company: MUNJAL KIRIU INDUSTRIES PVT.LTD. Ahmedabad, Gujrat.
Department: QA, Designation: Sr.Engineer - Process Control.
Experience:  2 Years ( 2017 - 2019)

Company: AL JADAWEL FACTORY CO LTD. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Department:  : QA, Designation: Sr.Engineer - Process Control.
Experience:  Present ( From  July 2019)



  • Reduced the pattern change time.
  • Reduced the mould breakages issue by preheating of the pattern before production.
  • Reduced sand temperature by adding water spry on the belt conveyor 
  • Reduced the ECT and sand consumption by Reduced the mould thickness accordingly pattern.
  • Reduced the tundiesh changing time by providing facility provide the near auto pour. 
  • Reduction of set up and operational delays by analyzing of delays and take corrective and preventive action.


  • Reduced the charging time by making of steel bundle.
  • Knowledge of selection furnace.
  • Right at first time chemistry achieved by modification charge sequence.
  • Reduced the raw materials cost by adding borings.
  • Reduced alloy addition (from 3.6 % to 2.3%) by purchasing the alloy steels.
  • Reduced the chemistry verification time by using CE meter.
  • Reduced the hold power by raise the power according pouring temperature.
  • Reduced the shrinkage defect by avoid the super heating metal.
  • Reduced furnace cycle time (from 75 min to 65 min) by new technique.
  • Reduced the copper cost by adding tin.

Sand plant

  • Ensure the sand properties and sand related casting defect by using SMC ( Sand Multi Controller) .
  • Reduced the sand additives by adding fine dust.
  • Reduced the bentonite and Pitch materials consumption by items wise sand batch.
  • Reduced the magnetic particles by permanent magnet.
  • Reduced the sand lumps by modification of polygonal sieve mess size.
  • Reduced the sand temperature and sand jam in disa cooler by introducing Sim8 module.


  • Control of rejection by using modern technique (like brain storming, QC tools, SPC, MSA).
  • Preparing of Control plan, PFMEA, customer audit.
  • Well Knowledge on IATF 16949:2018 requirement and full fill the customer needs.
  • Zero Customer complaint.
  • Conducting internal audit to reduced process deviation.
  • To improve skills of employee and operators by identification training needs.   
  • To preparation of document for department performance for top management review weekly and monthly basis.
  •  To provide the final inspection standards for reduced customer return.
  • To introduced the new technology for fettling to reduced fettling time and rejection.
  • To preparation quality management system manual for all department.
  • To analyzing of RFQ study for new product development.
  • To preparation of all department document and record.


  • Knowledge of Selection on lab equipment (like spectro meter , Leco CS analyzer , wet analysis , sand analysis equipment , Micro scope , UTM , BHN , HRC)
  • Knowledge on chemical composition standard  comparison of indian standard equivalent global standards)
  • Knowledge of Micro analysing, mechanical properties, and take action plan.
  • Selection of good inoculation grade by analyzing to adopt in system to improve the microstructure.
  • Selection of good Fe.Si Mg alloy by analyzing data to adopt in system to improve nodularity.
  • Monitoring of Chemical composition by R Chart to reduce the chemical composition deviation and improve the nodularity and hardness.


MOHANRAJ .K                              

Address: 152/2E T.L.N. Kudil, Vaiganallur Agraharam Street                     
Kulithalai (P.O), Karur (D.T)-639104     
Mobile No: +91 8056631825

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