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2nd International eCarTec Paris Conference for Electric Mobility

March 30 - 31, 2011, Paris

Electricity is the power of the future, that’s one thing politics and car manufacturers know for sure. In the face of climatic changes, dependency on crude oil and changing mobility requirements, electric mobility has long since become an inevitable alternative to conventional combustion engines. Experts are predicting a bright future for electric vehicles in the coming years. To promote this development, the 2nd International eCarTec Paris Conference for electric mobility will take place in Paris from March 30 to 31, 2011. This conference deals with current topics regarding electric mobility and provides information on potentials, trends, infrastructure and pioneering developments in the automotive and storage technology industry as well as in the infrastructure business. At the evening event, which takes place on the second day, you will have the opportunity to intensify discussions with key players from politics and economics.

Join the eMobility Revolution!

Gérard Voisin, MP, Member of the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, author of a report titled "The electric vehicle: a revolution?"

I am convinced that the growth of electric vehicle market will be exponential. The electric vehicle sector has changed significantly: the French government estimates it to grow in the niche markets  to represent 27% of the overall European vehicle market and is estimated to generate between 50 and 90 billion Euros. The emergence of electric vehicles will not replace the internal combustion engine, but it will fundamentally change our relationship to our cars. First of all, psychologically: with the absence of noise, it promotes a calmer drive and enhances the integrationter integration of the automobile into city traffic. Secondly, behavioral: the electric vehicle induces a difference of approach. The driver will have a new approach to his or her s vehicle. The choice of vehicles will be larger in the future. More widespread and intelligent transportation systems will provide better coordination between rail and road in order to optimize our time spent travelling.

Simplicity of use and cost are key elements for success. Therefore, it will be essential for the consumer to use an ordinary socket at home to recharge his or her car at no additional cost and this throughout Europe.

The only uncertainties regarding this transformation are not on the phenomenon itself, but rather all about the chronology, when and how fast this transformation can take place. At the time as Asia is launching headlong into these new technologies, the EU must take action in favor of strong electric vehicle development to ensure economic success and to comply its commitments to environmental issues and to improve the quality of life for all its citizens.

Gérard Voisin, MP, Member of the European Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, author of a report titled "The electric vehicle: a revolution?"


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