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A team of professionals to re-launch

the Italian metal casting industry

After the boom, the Asiatic competition puts the Italian metal casting sector up against a wall. Only experience, flexibility, quality and competitive prices can contrast the Chinese giant.

As anybody noticed, the European market was given a strong jerk by the pressing growth of new Asiatic economies (China and India above all), and in particular of the engineering and metal casting furnace. 

In order to contrast the threatening advance of these emerging markets, it is necessary to focus on weak aspects of the provided services and products. In fact, it is true South-East Asia companies offer low-cost finished products but they feature second-rate quality compared to the European standards, Italian first of all. 

In these conditions, the metal casting industry and mold-making industry have to turn to their experience, professionalism and ability to adapt to new market requests, all features that China and India can't still provide for their new development. 

On this regard, 7 important metal foundries and cast iron foundy have set up a Group: a truly effective Team aimed to solve problems and needs related to the mold production and metal casting. 

These are the companies settled in Veneto: 

• Procasting Srl: cast iron metal prototypes of any metal
• Program 2000: design, creation and production projects
• Modelleria Zuin: small and medium size models of metal, resin and wood for foundries
• Modelleria Griggio: production of metal casting models for medium and big foundries
• Modelleria 80: produces metal casting models and wooden moulds of big dimensions
• Tecnomodelleria: small, medium, big wooden and aluminium models for thermal-modelling
• Sand Form: cores: sampling and production for foundries

It is easy to understand that this partnership is the Team's main strength as it gathers in one spot the know-hows of 7 companies. This union leads to some logical improvements as the cutting down on costs of prototypes and moulds production and on the replying time, whilst offering a wider range of technical solutions. 

Today the KnowHow Team offers the most innovative solutions to problems related to moulds design and moulds production for the industry.

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