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Auto industry is taking off

The automotive supplier in the region feel a modest upturn. Especially the growth market of China provides full order books.

Konstanz - The automotive industry is looking to China and also in the southwest is the Middle Kingdom is the driving force for filling order books. "The mood among automotive suppliers is quite positive, " is from Kai Müller , Member of the network Automotive bw , an initial assessment . "The order situation is very good. "Slowly suggest the increased demand in the automotive industry through to smaller companies. "In particular , demand in Asia has attracted to luxury cars , "says Mueller, who speaks for the Association of South-West economic region .

Do remember that even the most suppliers in the region . " We have good growth rates in China, " Norbert Willmann , CEO of IMS Gear told in Donaueschingen. "This is a very interesting market . " The automotive supplier has , since October 2009, a factory in China. He also delivers its products in China to larger suppliers such as Bosch. " Two thirds of the orders come from customers, we also supply in Europe. " The full order books Willmann leads back to products which have already been developed before the crisis. For example, power steering systems that rely on hydraulics rather than in electro-mechanics , and thus save fuel.

ZF also has a presence recently with a new Asia headquarters in Shanghai , China. Hans -Georg Härter , CEO of automotive supplier Friedsrichshafen , speaks of a " tremendous momentum " with the growing Chinese markets . That is why we have built in Shanghai next to the administration also has a large development center. Sales in China should be increased from 970 million euros in 2009 to 1.1 billion euros. ZF produced for 30 years in China , where it has 4200 employees at 19 locations now .

The company Georg Fischer talks about the current situation " cautiously optimistic ". Spokeswoman Bettina Schmidt said that GF found in the first months of 2010, a slight increase in calls. GF is especially active in the market of upper - and middle-class vehicles. "The order trend indicates a further increase in the coming months , "said the spokeswoman. At the site singing the utilization is not currently satisfactory. From here, the commercial vehicle industry is supplied , which " is still at a low level. " "In July and August, the short-time exposure , "said Schmidt. As the September go on is unclear. "

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