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Castool facility in Thailand

Castool is a knowledge-based company that provides production tooling, equipment and technical advice to leading die casters throughout the world.

Castool is joined by Schmelzmetall, a manufacturer of superior vacuum forged copper and beryylium copper products; and InterGuss, a designer and manufacturer of chill vents using Schmelzmetall’s beryllium copper, and tungsten.  Castool has just completed a Greenfield production facility in Thailand to enable them to better serve its fast growing Asian market.

The facility is approximately 30,000 sq ft and will enable Castool to better serve its fast growing market share in Asia for consumable tooling from a proximate and cost effective location.

Located in Chonburi Thailand, this facility has been named Castool 180 since it is exactly 180 degrees around the world from Castool in Uxbridge Ontario, to the minute! Castool 180 currently has 25 employees and in 5 years time is expected to grow to 100, with a square footage reaching 60,000.

Castool plans to build a third smaller facility in the next few years in Bulgaria to help service its European customers.

The “180” plant currently has Horizontal Boring Mills, Vertical Boring Mills, Machining Centers, Multi Axis Lathes, Drilling and Trepanning machines, Honing Machines and a Relining Facility, all of which were operational at the time of writing this article.

Visit our website at: www.castool.com

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