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de Belder Associates Ltd opens up a world of opportunity

de Belder Associates Ltd opens up a world of opportunity

When, many years ago, de Belder Associates Ltd first became involved in the highly specialised sector of recruitment for the metals industries, most of the work they were involved in was for UK based companies and candidates. Times however have changed dramatically and today de Belder Associates Ltd, now managed by Philip de Belder, is a truly global operation, with international client companies and individual candidates involved in castings, foundry, forging, valves, pumps, metals and all the aspects of the engineering sectors.

The world is shrinking!
Speaking to Philip de Belder, he is under no delusions that over the past decade or so, the metals industrial sector has been transformed into a truly global market place. “It’s incredible,” he says, “just how many organisations have successfully expanded their geographic areas of operation far beyond their own traditional countries and territories.” Philip’s own experiences have clearly shown how companies that were at one time seen as, say, essentially British, German, Indian or American concerns for instance, are now completely multi-national both in their culture and in their operation.

As a consequence, the skilled workforce and experienced managers within the various disciplines of the metals industries have also seen their own workplace and scope of opportunity expand on a staggeringly global scale.

In so many respects this internationalisation of the industry has been both welcomed and beneficial not only to the companies but also to those individuals who are willing to embrace the new opportunities it has brought. On the other hand, however, this global expansion of the workplace has created its own difficulties and among these is the massive growth of the recruitment search area. Now it is no longer local, regional or even national. Companies who are prepared to hire the best candidates available now have to set their sights across the entire world. Clearly, only a specialist recruitment operation whose own horizons match the international ambitions of their clients can provide the kind of global service that is now demanded. When you are launching your next recruitment campaign, or are looking for that ‘blue chip’ career opportunity, ensure that you contact a recruitment company whose vision is as wide as yours.





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