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GIFA 2019

Feeding Technology for Iron and Steel Foundries

For many foundries the pursuit of casting yield improvement and cleaning cost reduction has necessitated the development of customised feeding system solutions. The challenges and demands facing our customers today require that we work together to develop new innovative solutions to the most difficult feeding problems. A series of casting case studies will demonstrate the latest advances in feeding systems application techniques on a range of Iron and Steel castings.

Casting examples will be used to highlight the quality and cost benefits achievable with customised breaker cores, when used in combination with high performance exothermic sleeve technology.

Furthermore the case studies will highlight the energy savings achieved by the customer through the use of FOSECO products and the corresponding reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

A series of exhibits will demonstrate the latest application technology of FEEDEX K (the patented Compressor Core spot feeder) on both Ductile Iron and Compacted Graphite Iron castings.

Increasing quality and performance demands for cast parts means that accurate casting process simulation is now an essential tool for the foundryman. The latest advancements in the FOSECO Pro Module for MAGMASOFT will be presented.

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