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Hofmann Ceramic: Former theories of filtration compared with new cognitions

Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Reuther, Technical Manager at Hofmann Ceramic GmbH/Germany, speaks about ceramic filter innovations on 12th of November at the Ankiros 2010 in Istanbul   

Breitscheid/Germany 09-11-2010. The lecture will give a short insight into the theme, why former theories of working with filters are not useful to explain all phenomenon’s in the field of modern gating. One part of the lecture will show the former three mechanisms, its explanation and the consequential critical questions. These questions could not be answered by the former theories and require the new theories. The other part will show the theoretical consideration of how the filters really work instead of the former theories. The author will show some practical examples where the new theories are supported and which are against the former theories. The speech will demonstrate that filters can hold back inclusions and can prevent the forming of inclusions during the pouring process but in a way which is different from the previous knowledge.

The lecture will contain a simple summary of a few important problems, which are often sources of errors in foundries. The intention is to present the most important special features of this topic to the reader in a simple and comprehensible manner. In the past Hofmann Ceramic was often faced with some problems which were connected with the field of the filtration of molten metals that they were not able to explain properly, or solve, with the background of the former theories and the believed mechanisms of how filters work. Because of these unsatisfied situations, the author starts to think about some new ideas of how filters work in an in gate system and to create some new theories.


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