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PYRONOL 400 - A coating for casting tools, produced by SCHÄFER Chemische Fabrik GmbH in Hennef

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PYRONOL 400 - A coating for casting tools, produced by SCHÄFER Chemische Fabrik GmbH in Hennef

Since more than 90 years the company SCHÄFER Chemische Fabrik GmbH has been producing melting preparations and coatings for the non-ferrous foundry market, whereby we are supported by our world-wide representations.

SCHÄFER products simplify the work of the founders. They are used to achieving a higher cleaning level of the metals, to improving the metal treatment processes as well as to maintaining the functionality and lifespan of the furnaces.

Our newest product, called PYRONOL 400, is a special coating for casting tools. It aims at avoiding oxidic adhesions on casting tools and damages by fluxes. As a consequence of this the wear and tear of the casting tools is reduced es-sentially. In the following we would like to briefly explain how to use it:

As a general rule casting tools are exposed to high thermal and mechanical strains and have to maintain their isolating and separating function. The requirements for casting tools which get into contact with fluxes are particularly high as the fluxes reduce the surface tension whereby metal can adhere to the tool. This leads to a fast wear and tear of the casting tools.

By using PYRONOL 400 the liquid metal rolls very well off the casting tool and does not leave any metal films. After the usage the coating can be easily washed off with a wire brush and wa-ter. PYRONOL 400 is on an aqueous basis and free of additives as water-glass or alcohol. It can be applied undiluted on the casting tools with a brush. For an easier application, it can be di-luted with water and dipped. For spraying more water is necessary.

The usage of PYRONOL 400 is very easy.

Dipping of the ladle in the coating (here during experiments in the lab).

After the application by a brush, dipping or spraying, it must dry thoroughly; either in open air or over the hot atmosphere of the furnace. The drying and heating must not be accelerated. Furthermore, a careful heating is also necessary after the drying in open air.

Drying of the coating over the bot metal.

Ladle treated with coating after the drying.

Casting with ladle. No metal or oxidic residues adhere to the ladle.

After that the casting tools are ready to use and are free of any oxidic adhesions and damages thanks to the application of PYRONOL 400. Thus, their lifespan increases sharply. Additionally possible adhesions on the casting tools, which could be formed without the treatment by PYRONOL 400, cannot get into the cast and harm the casting parts.

The ladle can be easily cleaned only with water.

Cleaned ladle after the casting.

Another variant of this coating is PYRONOL 420. It is based on synthetic greases and free of any water.

The grease burns off after the first contact with the liquid metal and an electrically conducting, stable protective layer with the same properties as PYRONOL 400 is left. Thus, it is highly suitable for robot tools where a quick aftertreatment is necessary.



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