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Scotland wants more backyard wind energy

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to facilitate the installation of residential wind turbines and air-source heat pumps.

Homeowners currently can install solar electric panels and ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps without planning consent, but wind turbines and air-source heat pumps require regulatory permission. A consultation session has been launched to propose conditions under which homeowners could avoid the need for a planning application for wind energy.

The proposals would remove barriers to wind turbines and air-source heat pumps while safeguarding the quality of the environment.

“We are determined to help people cut energy bills and play their part in reducing emissions,” says Climate Change Minister Stewart Stevenson. “By cutting red tape in the planning system we can make it easier for households to generate their own clean, green energy.”

“Encouraging greater use of microgeneration by homeowners can provide an important boost to Scotland's renewables sector, potentially generating additional jobs in this world class green industry,” he adds. “This is not a vision of unrestricted development but I believe our proposals strike the right balance in the best interests of Scotland.”

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