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Techmire Technology Zinc Die Castings

Techmire Technology Zinc Die Castings. Ruling the metalworking industry because of its revolutionized approached to die casting, Techmire found its market in providing companies with equipment for all possible zinc die casting projects. It initially catered to its clients in its homeland in Montereal, Canada way back in 1973. It then expanded and was able to supply countries in neighboring areas. Techmire zinc castings are now being used in more than thirty countries all over the world. Inquiries and concerns are addressed by the company for technical assistance.

Techmire zinc castings employ the Techmire technology zinc die casting which is most beneficial to zinc die casting projects. Among the benefits that the Techmire technology offers are the following: low production cost, efficient operations and high-quality finish Techmire zinc castings do not require much in terms of production. The materials needed as well as the labor are reduced. Techmire zinc die castings are also efficient. The cycle times are faster resulting to greater productivity.

Though the costs of production and the cycle times are faster, Techmire zinc castings do not sacrifice the quality of the output itself. The precision and quality are kept intact. Top quality outputs are expected each time.

The machines designed by Techmire are specially made to cater to zinc products. Two die casting equipments are NT Series and the NTX Series. The NT series are hot chamber zinc die casting machines that makes use of multiple slide technology. The NXT, on the other hand, is more advanced than NT. NT can hold a larger amount of molten zinc and can apply a higher amount of pressure

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