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The Turkish foundry industry

Metallurgy and castings are not something new for the Turkish foundrymen. The very first metal was smelted in Anatolia nearly 9000 years ago to make raw copper beads, later to alloy it with arsenic, tin or zinc to produce warfare, household or personel goods. This later progressed into the making of first wrought iron.

This heritage was later on passed over to the future citizens of these lands, namely Romans, Byzantians, Selcukians and the Ottomans.

Starting from 1950’s, the private capital began to invest in foundries establishing modern facilities by which today the Turkish foundry industry can compete worldwide.

Towards the end of the last century, Turkey has became a major supplier of foundry products for Europe.

With her population of 71.500.000 and GNP at PPP terms (569 billion US $ in 2005). Turkey ranks at Nr 19 in the world scala and Nr 5 in Europe for GNP at PPP terms.

As for the Turkish foundry industry, even though there is a long and powerful history on the background, the growth was slow until the 1990’ies, but from there on, the growth was with double digits.

Major growth areas are in the ductile iron and aluminium castings, all triggered with the automotive, farm tractor and earth moving equipment manufacturing growth both domestic and in Europe.


  • The Turkish foundry industry has grown to a position that can not be disregarded.
  • Growth is not only on the annual production levels, but also on the technical side.
  • This growth and the future is supported by the well trained and educated intellectual capital working in all levels of the foundry.
  • Economical crisis periods periodically experienced in Turkey have thought the foundrymen how to reduce their costs, live with minimum financial depths, and still how to keep their customers.
  • Products supplied at competitive prices, coupled with service, simultaneous engineering, value analysis, just in time delivery, flexibility, up to date technology and reliable quality will be the leading factors of the Turkish foundry industry in the liberal one single source market place of the 21st century.

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: http://www.tudoksad.org.tr/

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