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Through our representative Company, Cast - EX Sp.z.o.o the following orders were booked for the

Kamsky Motor Plant Ltd. firm in Russia / Ukraine

For the “Kamsky Motor Plant Ltd.” at Naberezhnye Chelny / Russian Otto Junker are working on a DUOMELT system comprising two 3-tonne furnaces. Both are to be of standard compact design and will be powered via a 24-pulse IGBT frequency converter system providing a nominal 2400 kW. With a power consumption of 500 kWh/tonne, the installation will thus deliver 4.5 tonnes of melt per hour. In addition to a JOKS melt processor, a JOKS GATT system will be used for controlling the charge make-up and charging process. One particularity of this project is that the basic power supply for the furnaces is to come from the gas turbines installed on the customer's factory premises.
The scheduled delivery date for this equipment is January 2013.

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