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World’s Car Market up 5.6%. In Top 50 Markets, eleven run for new all-time record.

November 2013, global car sales were again really strong, posting a 5.6% growth from year ago, the ninth consecutive year on year increase in a string. In the Top 50 Markets Ranking, China, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and few others run for the record.

Following the robust increase posted in September and October (respectively +7.6% and 8.2% from 2012) correlated with a favorable comparison with year ago in China, in November the global car market kept again its pace and the 7.1 million vehicles sold represented an increase of 5.6% over November 2012. Full year will end at 83.0 million.

China euphoric momentum went ahead, with over 2 million vehicles sold or 13.9% up from year ago. China is growing an impressive 14.6% this year and final sales will touch a level never achieved before by a single market, not far from 22 million vehicles.

USA market was pushed ahead by strong economic factors, with GDP growth above expectations and strong recovery in the employment data. Market at 1.24 million was up 8.7% from last year.

Japan surprised with an astonishing performance at 455.765 sales, up 16.0% from year ago, almost closing the gap from last year when market was sustained by government incentives.

In the Top ten, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India and France were down. Looking at annual results, we must consider as in the BRIC markets, only China is going up.

Among biggest markets, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arab, Indonesia and Malaysia are running towards the all-time record, while Thailand is collapsing at a speed of over 30% each month.

The fastest growing market was again the Kazakhstan rose in 38th place, the best ever, with November sales up 61.6% from last year.

The slowest market was Thailand, down 37%.

In the table below, the focus2move exclusive World's Top 50 Car Markets report:



Source: Focus2move



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