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23. Ocak 2018

Elkem celebrates opening of new plant in China

On 12 December, Elkem celebrated the opening of a new plant for foundry products in Shizuishan city in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.The evening before the ceremony, Elkem China hosted a dinner for the customers. Roland...

22. Ocak 2018

EUROGUSS Continues to Set Records

More Exhibitors, More Space, More Visitors; Industry off to an optimistic start in 2018

19. Ocak 2018

ASK Chemicals inaugurates its new Spanish plant

On November 30, 2017, the leading foundry consumable supplier, ASK Chemicals, celebrated the official opening of its new Spanish plant. The company invited customers, suppliers, workers, and local authorities to join an...

18. Ocak 2018

Bühler: Oil Cleaning System to enhance plant productivity

Particularly suitable for die casting applications with high volume flows, the new Oil Cleaning System from Bühler can reduce hydraulic system breakdowns by up to 60%. Clean oil is a vital factor for a stable production. One...

17. Ocak 2018

John Winter: A look back on 2017

As we start the New Year, we take a look back on 2017 and turn our attention towards 2018.  In 2017, we launched a new product… PF880 is an environmentally-friendly premium grade greensand release agent for medium and...

16. Ocak 2018

Opportunity in Romania – First class Swiss owned Aluminium Foundry for Sale

S.C. Alu Metall Guss s.r.l. (“AMG Romania”) was established on green field in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss foundry “AMG - Alu Metall Guss AG, Gontenschwil”. AMG Romania is currently under German management and...

15. Ocak 2018

Endeco Omega 8-station carousel moulding line installed at wear resistant product manufacturing foundry

Just over 11years ago a large international company manufacturing wear resistant engineered products commissioned an in-house foundry at its Isando manufacturing facility in Gauteng. Traditionally the company procured their...

12. Ocak 2018

Even faster: Kurtz Trimming Press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT

Kurtz has been building trimming presses since 2009; in 2011 trimming presses with a sliding-tilting table were added, and in 2014 Kurtz launched the trimming press KPS 2000/25-12 SKT – the largest and fastest system on the...

11. Ocak 2018

RSD 180 V – The New Benchmark in Drive Technology

In the past and present, volume sizes of 30,000 kg of liquid metal have been moved with the aid of countershaft gear sets. The disadvantage of this drive unit is the large number of components that are needed to achieve the...

10. Ocak 2018

High Casting Quality and Short Cycle Times – HA at EUROGUSS 2018

At EUROGUSS 2018 HA will be presenting a wide range of liquid and pellet release agents for a variety of applications and requirements. These prod-ucts enable excellent demoulding and effective lubrication of moving parts. Eco...

09. Ocak 2018

Altair to present preview of the revolutionary new geometry ‘avatar’ of Click2Cast® at EUROGUSS 2018

Click2Cast revolutionizes the casting process by adding powerful geometry tools specifically for easily creating runners, risers, sleeves, chillers and cooling lines within a single environment, benefiting the entire supply chain...

08. Ocak 2018


The biennial international trade exhibition for the die casting sector will be held in Nuremberg, Germany. It provides an opportunity for Italpresse Gauss to share technological advances in die casting against a backdrop of the...

05. Ocak 2018

Nemak is driving the future of automotive lightweighting

Nemak has ridden the aluminum lightweighting trend to become a leading player in its powertrain segment and scaled up a structural components division to offer solutions for further weight reduction in the structure of vehicles....

04. Ocak 2018

Kurtz Ersa: New blasting machine - project successfully completed

The project team "New Blasting Machine" reported this in the spring of 2017 after about two years of operation. The SMART FOUNDRY thus achieves another milestone and is now able to radiate the entire spectrum of parts...

03. Ocak 2018

Foseco’s ACTICOTE CG coating range for the improved production of compacted graphite iron (CGI) castings.

Foseco announces the launch of the ACTICOTE CG coating range for the improved production of compacted graphite iron (CGI) castings.

23. Aralık 2017

Best Wishes From Foundry-Planet

We wish our friends and partners a happy holiday season and a healthy and successful new year 2018. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

22. Aralık 2017


the 80th Anniversary of Foundry Review (Przegląd Odlewnictwa) International Conference „3D Printing for casting engineering”, 8th December 2017, Krakow

21. Aralık 2017

Vietnam: Full throttle to industrialization

The best way to get an accurate idea of a country, its people, and industry is to go there. Under the leadership of the VDMA Metallurgy Division and the AHK Vietnam, a group of twelve interested parties, including foundry buyers,...

20. Aralık 2017

ZPF: Process optimization with aluminum melting furnace

Increasing the energy efficiency of aluminum smelting: Burner air preheating by means of a heat exchanger significantly reduces gas consumption. Increased flame temperature enables process time reduction and further utilization...

19. Aralık 2017

Energy-efficient torque drives now also available for EIRICH mixers

Permanent-magnet synchronous motors, which are also known as torque or high-torque motors, are rapidly becoming established as the standard solution for more and more applications – and now also in mixing technology. Combined...

18. Aralık 2017

Magaldi Superbelt® to Retrofit Vibrating Conveyors for Aluminium Sprues Handling

Ryobi Die Casting Inc. (Shelbiville, USA) – leading company in manufacturing high-pressure aluminum die castings for the automotive industry - asked Magaldi to investigate the possibility to retrofit the existing vibrating...

15. Aralık 2017

ASK: Ways out of the raw material cost trap

Mixed resins: An alternative solution to standard furan resins

14. Aralık 2017

Fill Machine Engineering invests another 7.5 million euros in its Gurten plant

Innviertel-based high-tech company continues on its course of expansion. 5,000 square meters of new production space is being created.

13. Aralık 2017

StrikoWestofen at Euroguss 2018: The Stage is Set (High Up) - Industry 4.0 in light metal foundries

Self-optimising, automated, safe and clean: that’s how StrikoWestofen sees the foundry of the future. The industrial furnace manufacturer will be presenting this vision at Euroguss 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, from 16 to 18...

12. Aralık 2017

Opening of Bühler China Die Casting Technology Center

In October the major customers from Bühler China Die Casting gathered to celebrate the opening of the Die Casting Technology Center. At 10:18, the 1400-ton Bühler Carat die casting machine was officially put into use. Equipped...

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