2014 is Confirmed as an Extraordinary Year for SAVELLI !

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In fact, during the period between July and October 2014 SAVELLI will install 8 moulding lines and 1 sand preparation plant with accessory equipment.

  1. Lamina, 750x750x300/300mm (60 mph)
  2. Brembo, 1070X870X200/250mm (280 mph)
  3. PCI, 900x700x300/300mm (240 mph)
  4. Glisenti, 800x753x300/300mm (180 mph)
  5. SABI, 850X740X270/270mm (180 mph)
  6. Lead Time, 1200x1000x400/400mm (120 mph)
  7. Montorso, 900x700x250/250mm (200 mph)
  8. SREM, 1.000x800x350/350mm (110 mph)

5 of these moulding lines will be installed in Italy and this is a very positive signal for the Italian Foundry Industry.
Another important fact is that the Korean Automotive Industry prefers SAVELLI as the main supplier of high performance moulding lines! In fact, PUSAN CAST IRON CO., LTD (Ulsan, South Korea) confirmed again SAVELLI for the installation of a second high performance F1 moulding line.

PCI (South Korea) 1st SAVELLI moulding line
We are proud that SAVELLI continues to innovate and to confirm its leadership in the global market.

Istanbul, Turkey – 11-13/09/2014 - H6-D100-2