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29. März 2019

New Leadership at Norican Global A/S after Resignation of President & CEO

Norican Global A/S (“Norican Group”), a majority-owned portfolio company of the private equity fund Altor Fund IV (“Altor”), is pleased to announce the hiring of a new President & CEO.  Mr. Anders Wilhjelm will join the...

30. Januar 2019

KS HUAYU investiert in neue Produktionshalle

Traditionsreicher Gießer fasst bei E-Mobilität Fuß

29. Januar 2019

KRÄMER + GREBE stellt den besten Azubi Deutschlands

Die Gewinnung des Facharbeiter-Nachwuchses durch eine umfassende Ausbildung hat beim Wallauer Formen- und Werkzeugbauer Krämer+Grebe schon seit der Firmengründung einen großen Stellenwert. Eine hohe Ausbildungsquote ist somit...

23. Januar 2019

GER - Five years of Audi manufacturing in Münchsmünster

The Münchsmünster production site close to Ingolstadt has been an important part of the main AUDI AG site since fall 2013: This facility, extending over an area of 54 hectares, makes form-hardened sheet steel elements and diecast...

10. Januar 2019

Italpresse Gauss Expands North America Sales & Service

Italpresse Gauss, a division of Norican Group, has expanded regional sales and service operations to meet customer requirements.

22. November 2018

Electronics celebrates its anniversary!

A good reason to celebrate: Four decades of successful hardware and software development in the casting industry.

09. November 2018

Erfolgreicher Auftakt der EUROGUSS Mexico

Die Premiere der EUROGUSS Mexico war ein voller Erfolg; Messe und Konferenz überzeugte Fachbesucher

07. November 2018

Italpresse Gauss: Strengthened support services

Italpresse Gauss has significantly improved its services support in Asia Pacific and North America with bigger teams of service technicians, greater availability of parts and new infrastructure in both territories.

18. Oktober 2018

Cores picked and prepped automatically with new Italpresse Gauss system

Italpresse Gauss has developed an automatic core preparation system for gravity die casting processes, integrating a 3D laser scanning system and robot to recognise, pick, examine and pass on the correct core from a mixed tray.

17. September 2018

China drives rising demand for matchplate moulding lines

DISA has seen a surge in demand for moulding lines using matchplate technology, driven by enquiries from Chinese customers for large DISA MATCH lines.

11. September 2018

Tariffs more concerning than e-mobility for the North American die casting industry

NADCA President Steve Udvardy gives us his insights about the current situation and outlook for die casting in North America in terms of tariffs, e-mobility while on tour with NADCA European Delegates trip.

06. September 2018

StrikoWestofen - With laser precision: Skoda Auto reduces energy consumption by 10%

Opting to have four 15-year-old StrikoMelter relined and upgraded as part of an Equipment Modernisation Programme (EMP), Skoda Auto reduced energy consumption at its Mladá Boleslav site in the Czech Republic by 10%.

05. September 2018

Entwicklungspartner par excellence

Krämer+Grebe setzt neue Maßstäbe in der Werkzeugkonzeption für Zylinderköpfe

27. August 2018

Technology Day at FRECH – Cold Chamber Machines in Focus

More than 60 participants from Europe and overseas visited the Technology Day at FRECH in July, where the machines GDK3200, K1320, and K1680 were presented.

07. Juli 2018

Leichtbau in Guss 2018

Innovative Lösungen zur Effizienzsteigerung in der Wertschöpfungskette

03. Juli 2018

The digital Cell for the future of die casting

Bühler Die Casting is working towards a better, more efficient and profitable future for die casters. The aim is to create an integrated die casting solution leading to a drastic reduction in the production cost of a die casting...

29. Mai 2018

Herausforderung: Dünnwandige Gehäuse für portable Elektronik

Zink-Druckguss: Enormes Sparpotenzial bei Wanddicken, Gewicht und Kosten

22. Mai 2018

MOV[E] Event bei GF Casting Solutions in Schaffhausen

Challenge Antriebe der Zukunft: Chancen und Herausforderungen durch E-Mobility

17. Mai 2018

Italpresse Gauss has appointed Vittorio Leone as its new Operations Director.

About Vittorio Vittorio joined Italpresse Gauss in 2011 from OTO Melara and has, over the last couple of years, covered a range of roles, from Sales Engineer to Operations Manager.  As Operations Director, Vittorio will...

03. Mai 2018

Bühler: Carat upgrades create even more value for quality parts producers

After more than ten years on the market, a new version of the Carat series is now available.

14. März 2018

Gießerei-Chemie liefert wichtige Innovationen

Automobilzulieferer brauchen Transformationsstrategie

13. März 2018

Embracing Digital – Microsoft Interviews Italpresse Gauss

Italpresse Gauss is one of a handful of digital leaders selected by partner Microsoft for a short video on embracing digitization. Hear Carlo Scalmana, President of Italpresse Gauss, share his insights on digital transformation.

07. Februar 2018

Detroit Motorshow 2018: Der hessische Werkzeugbauer Krämer+Grebe und die saarländische Halberg Guss haben maßgeblich am Erfolg von GMC mitgewirkt.

Dabei setzte der Marktführer General Motors bei der Produktion vom Motorblock des Sierra Duramax 2500HD auf die langjährige Erfahrung und das Know-How des Werkzeugbauers Krämer+Grebe und die Gießerei Halberg Guss.

22. Januar 2018

Fachmesse EUROGUSS jagt von Rekord zu Rekord

Mit einem neuen Besucherrekord schloss die EUROGUSS nach drei Messetagen am 18. Januar 2018. Schnee, Regen, Sturmböen und das damit verbundene Verkehrschaos in weiten Teilen Deutschlands und Europas konnten rund 15.000...

18. Januar 2018

Bühler: Oil Cleaning System to enhance plant productivity

Particularly suitable for die casting applications with high volume flows, the new Oil Cleaning System from Bühler can reduce hydraulic system breakdowns by up to 60%. Clean oil is a vital factor for a stable production. One...

12. Januar 2018

Noch schneller: Kurtz Entgratpresse KPS 2000/25-12 SKT

Seit 2009 baut Kurtz Entgratpressen, 2011 kamen Schiebe-Kipptisch-Pressen dazu und 2014 brachte Kurtz die Entgratpresse KPS 2000/25-12 SKT heraus – zu diesem Zeitpunkt das größte und schnellste System auf dem Markt. Bis jetzt,...

11. Januar 2018

RSD 180 V – The New Benchmark in Drive Technology

In the past and present, volume sizes of 30,000 kg of liquid metal have been moved with the aid of countershaft gear sets. The disadvantage of this drive unit is the large number of components that are needed to achieve the...

10. Januar 2018

High Casting Quality and Short Cycle Times – HA at EUROGUSS 2018

At EUROGUSS 2018 HA will be presenting a wide range of liquid and pellet release agents for a variety of applications and requirements. These prod-ucts enable excellent demoulding and effective lubrication of moving parts. Eco...

09. Januar 2018

Altair to present preview of the revolutionary new geometry ‘avatar’ of Click2Cast® at EUROGUSS 2018

Click2Cast revolutionizes the casting process by adding powerful geometry tools specifically for easily creating runners, risers, sleeves, chillers and cooling lines within a single environment, benefiting the entire supply chain...

08. Januar 2018


The biennial international trade exhibition for the die casting sector will be held in Nuremberg, Germany. It provides an opportunity for Italpresse Gauss to share technological advances in die casting against a backdrop of the...

05. Januar 2018

Nemak is driving the future of automotive lightweighting

Nemak has ridden the aluminum lightweighting trend to become a leading player in its powertrain segment and scaled up a structural components division to offer solutions for further weight reduction in the structure of vehicles....

12. Dezember 2017

Opening of Bühler China Die Casting Technology Center

In October the major customers from Bühler China Die Casting gathered to celebrate the opening of the Die Casting Technology Center. At 10:18, the 1400-ton Bühler Carat die casting machine was officially put into use. Equipped...

29. November 2017

Marktpotenzial für Strukturbauteile erschliessen

In der Automobilindustrie sind Strukturbauteile ein wachsendes Segment. Bei Bühler arbeiten wir kontinuierlich daran, die Kosten für druckgussgefertigte Aluminium-Strukturbauteile zu senken, um mit traditionell gefertigten Stahl-...

20. November 2017

20-jähriges Bestehen von Kolbenschmidt Shanghai Piston

Gute Auftragslage macht Kapazitätserweiterung notwendig

17. November 2017

BDG-Präsidium neu gewählt

BDG-Präsident Dr.-Ing. Erwin Flender für weitere drei Jahre im Amt bestätigt

16. November 2017

KRÄMER+GREBE nimmt Tieflochbohrzentrum in Betrieb

KRÄMER+GREBE zählt zu den Markführern in der Formen- und Werkzeugbaubranche für anspruchsvolle Gussteile. Als anerkannter Partner der internationalen Automobilindustrie und von Gießereien weltweit, entwickelt das Unternehmen seit...

15. November 2017

Auf ein Wort

StrikoWestofen-Entwicklungsleiter Theodoor van der Hoeven über Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0

09. November 2017

bdg: Experten aus Wissenschaft und Politik fordern andere Finanzierung der Energiewende

Veranstaltung „Zukunft der Energiewende“ am 11. Oktober 2017 im Haus der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie, Düsseldorf

EUROGUSS 2018 ausgebucht

-Europäische Druckgussbranche trifft sich in Nürnberg -Rund 600 Aussteller zeigen innovative Lösungen -EUROGUSS-Pavillon erstmals auf Guss-Fachmesse...

17. Oktober 2017

Schichtweise: Additive Fertigung im Dienst der Druckgussindustrie

Die EUROGUSS 2018 – Internationale Fachmesse für Druckguss zeigt innovative Lösungen für die Fertigung und Anwendung von Druckgussteilen

12. Oktober 2017

25 Years of Tribo-Chemie

Tribo-Chemie was founded in 1992 with the aim of manufacturing “Made in Germany” release agents that provide solutions for companies looking for suitable products for pressure die casting and forging. Tribo-Chemie has been a...

29. September 2017

Italpresse Gauss - now part of Norican Group

Italpresse Gauss is now part of Norican Group - a world leading provider of technology for the formation and enhancement of metallic parts. From melting, dosing and moulding through to surface preparation, Norican Group provides...

26. September 2017

Innovation by pressure die-casting – Future-oriented solutions for the automobile industry

Pressure die-cast parts made from aluminium and magnesium alloys are increasingly in demand by the automobile industry, because they contribute to reduce the weight of vehicles, have many beneficial properties and can be produced...

05. August 2017

Foundry of the Week - DGS DruckgussSysteme AG

DGS DruckgussSysteme AG has 80 years’ experience in producing high quality die casting parts with lightweight alloy for aluminum structural parts and complex, compact and thin magnesium parts in automotive industry.Since 2005,...

22. Juli 2017

Foundry of the Week: ZAMAPRES SRL

ZAMAPRES SRL has been planning and assembling dies for 40 years. High skill and experience with customers make pressure die-casts more precise and optimal. During these years detailed planning and a long-gained experience which...

18. Juli 2017

The Swing in the Automotive Industry requires new Thinking and a wider Choice of Technologies

Vanessa Ashworth, Vice President Marketing Communications, Norican Group talking with Foundry-Planet´s Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Fritsch

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