22. Januar 2018

Fachmesse EUROGUSS jagt von Rekord zu Rekord

Mit einem neuen Besucherrekord schloss die EUROGUSS nach drei Messetagen am 18. Januar 2018. Schnee, Regen, Sturmböen und das damit verbundene Verkehrschaos in weiten Teilen Deutschlands und Europas konnten rund 15.000...

18. Januar 2018

Bühler: Oil Cleaning System to enhance plant productivity

Particularly suitable for die casting applications with high volume flows, the new Oil Cleaning System from Bühler can reduce hydraulic system breakdowns by up to 60%. Clean oil is a vital factor for a stable production. One...

12. Januar 2018

Noch schneller: Kurtz Entgratpresse KPS 2000/25-12 SKT

Seit 2009 baut Kurtz Entgratpressen, 2011 kamen Schiebe-Kipptisch-Pressen dazu und 2014 brachte Kurtz die Entgratpresse KPS 2000/25-12 SKT heraus – zu diesem Zeitpunkt das größte und schnellste System auf dem Markt. Bis jetzt,...

11. Januar 2018

RSD 180 V – The New Benchmark in Drive Technology

In the past and present, volume sizes of 30,000 kg of liquid metal have been moved with the aid of countershaft gear sets. The disadvantage of this drive unit is the large number of components that are needed to achieve the...

10. Januar 2018

High Casting Quality and Short Cycle Times – HA at EUROGUSS 2018

At EUROGUSS 2018 HA will be presenting a wide range of liquid and pellet release agents for a variety of applications and requirements. These prod-ucts enable excellent demoulding and effective lubrication of moving parts. Eco...

09. Januar 2018

Altair to present preview of the revolutionary new geometry ‘avatar’ of Click2Cast® at EUROGUSS 2018

Click2Cast revolutionizes the casting process by adding powerful geometry tools specifically for easily creating runners, risers, sleeves, chillers and cooling lines within a single environment, benefiting the entire supply chain...

08. Januar 2018


The biennial international trade exhibition for the die casting sector will be held in Nuremberg, Germany. It provides an opportunity for Italpresse Gauss to share technological advances in die casting against a backdrop of the...

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