2nd National Foundry Congress of Turkish Foundry Association TÜDÖKSAD

2nd National Foundry Congress of Turkish Foundry Association TÜDÖKSAD, is going to be organized

in Izmir, on 30th November - 1st December 2019 under the motto of "Sustainable Innovation In The

Foundry Industry".

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The Turkish Foundry Association (TÜDÖKSAD), founded in 1976 by leading foundry industrialists and companies, has the aim of providing support to enhance the economic progress of the Turkish metal casting industry and assisting its member companies to effectively manage all production operations and profitably market their products and services. It is a non-governmental organization with voluntary membership, which represents the leading firms, industrialists and managers of the foundry business. The Association, covering all of the largest foundries and most of the SMEs as its members, have 123 member foundries and 36 associate members.

Following the first national congress, which was held in Eskisehir in 2017 and attracted great interest by the sector members, now in Izmir, which is also one of the leading centres of industry, science and education in Turkey, the main objective is to maintain the perfect sharing environment for knowledge and experiences, the newest achievements and innovations.

Foundry Conferences are the main and traditional expert events of the Society 
Currently preparations for 2nd National Foundry Congress Izmir 2019 are in progress. Scientists from Turkish universities and institutes will be participating, as well as foundry experts, R&D centers, customers and suppliers for foundry industry. Additionally, a foundry exhibition that will be consisting of 11 supplier members of Tudoksad will also be taking place during the sessions with the aim of introducing the industry to young people.

The Congress will offer more to the students, young researchers and young entrepreneurs with a special "Youth Session" that will include speeches of foundry professionals about technical information and experiences to make them more familiar with the metal casting industry. 

A one-day technical trip will be organised to present the Turkish foundry engineering. The participants will be able to visit foundry plants of various production profiles as well as foundry suppliers' plants. 

Moreover, on the evening of 30th November, there will be organized TUDOKSAD Foundrymen’s Night, which is called as “get together with foundrymen” by Tudoksad, to make the congress well supported in social aspect as well as in technical side. 

The 2nd National Foundry Congress, with the motto “Sustainable Profitability In The Foundry Industry, will enlighten the participants from various aspects in 6 technical sessions, with more than 30 oral and poster presentations and also with invited speakers about the trending topics such as Industry 4.0, green and lean production, occupational health and safety, rapid prototyping, digital transformation and vocational training activities.

There will be two invited speakers and a special "Additive Manufacturing Session" with experts from Uddeholm Turkey, Siemens Turkey, Oskar Frech GmbH, Sakarya University, GE Additive, Ekstra Metal and Doktas Dokumculuk companies.

The Turkish Foundry Association is looking forward to meet with the foundrymen from all over the country, as well as professionals, researchers and students once again within the Congress and is going to publish the final Congress & Activities Programme in the next issue! 


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